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FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker to speak at NBAA 2015 in Las Vegas about Flight Tracking Data Security and Privacy

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Flight tracking companies and software are expanding rapidly, which can allow friendly, and not so friendly, entities to track your flights around the world. Learn about the varying forms of flight tracking technology, how they work, how the industry is addressing security and privacy concerns, and what operators can do to benefit from the technology while addressing concerns. With the ADS-B mandate, this issue is becoming more and more relevant to aircraft owners and operators every day. ( Mais...

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Kenneth Schmidt 2
Privacy is all upon the aircraft owners. Some do it right by using trusts, blocking the ability to track on sites like FA, and other simple steps. Others place their aircraft in blind LLC's, so you cannot know it is actually owned by XYZ Company. Then you have owners like Nike, who advertise by their tail number who they are and thus where they are based out of and via ADS-B can be tracked to where they are going.

If privacy were truly an issue for aircraft owners, there are more than enough existing tools to accomplish that. But vanity gets in the way. Anyone who has seen Union Pacifc's Falcon 2000's knows by the flag on the tail who they belong to (same flag as used on their 8,000 locomotives).

Scrambling or encrypting Hex codes on ADS-B equipped craft is not the answer if Next Gen air traffic control will ever be brought to fruition without a lot more expense and major tooling of software.

If there is value in privacy, then there is value in acting private, on your own, and not depending upon the Government to do it for you.
greenbaron 1
How do you block the ability to track on sites like FA?
Kenneth Schmidt 1
There is a link in the Products menu above that gives an aircraft owner instructions on how to block tracking. As an example, try to track N817GS.

[This comment was deleted.]

John Dough -1
Ads-b and next gen is a JOKE. It is an excuse to spend money that will not enhance safety or save travel time. We start down 300 miles out because of "center agreements" to get traffic counts up in certain sectors. Going to Miami, you cross the top of Florida at 270. Costs fuel and speed. There are many planes out now broadcasting Ads-b the screen is filled with triangles. When to much information is presented, most pilots turn off the useless items.

the 737 and Legacy that came together in South America, one was depending on auto systems, th3 other was turned off. The airliners that came together in flight over Germany were reacting to a traffic warning from Automatic equipment.... Oops it was wrong, to bad they didn't look outside.


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