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American Airlines rejects retirees’ call for old travel policy

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American Airlines Group Inc. chairman and chief executive Doug Parker made it as clear as he could Wednesday: American isn’t going to return to its old policy of free travel for retirees. ( Mais...

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steven fontaine 4
In the world's greatest Air Force, retirees always board after Active Duty and their dependents. Why should AA be different?
joel wiley 1
Sort of a quick sketch of benefit evolution in industry over the decades. At least the retirees have a semblance of a perk left- many don't even have a retirement check left.
linbb 1
At some point the cost of free comes at too much of a price and some have to be cut. Nothing more nothing less but a change like this takes place without note in other industry's every year to cut costs.
Highflyer1950 1
Actually, first come first served works very inefficiently in the airline industry for this perk. A better, logical system would to just use the employee/retiree date of hire as a reference, then the person can see where they are on the listing and how many are in front of them. Knowing this info and the number of empty seats on your airline's flight, makes standby travel somewhat more efficient. All this from your computer at home.
matt jensen 1
Forget it - Parker isn't going to back down.
sueridge307 1
Well those old years were shocking for service and in flight meals plus the awful delays getting into regional airports on 727's 737's 707's DC8's back then. today much more better
tim becker 1
Working for the pommy airline BAW for thirty years out of Heathrow we deserve all the cream on the cake as well as our unused travel or staff travel. People don't realize how much pressure day to day of working for a carrier can be. Everyday you learn something new in the aviation area you have your good times and the bad times. You see aircraft come and go as do management, you see aircraft incidents. I am glad i have done what I could for the people of Britain or England over my past 30 years service.
zkokp777 1
I never gt anything back when I worked out of KJFK/MIA 1970-1988 with Pan american world airways the airline collapsed


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