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Botched water cannon salute grounds Virgin Atlantic flight when Foam is used.

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A Virgin Atlantic passenger jet was grounded after a botched ‘water cannon salute’ by airport fire tenders clogged up its engines by spraying thick foam instead of water. The water canon salute is the sort of flamboyant gesture for which Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic airline has become famous – and also marks something of a wider aviation tradition. The Virgin Atlantic plane – with its ‘Beauty Queen’ name emblazoned on the fuselage of the Airbus A330-300 - had just landed in Manchester… ( Mais...

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SootBox 11
You had ONE job...
preacher1 4
Wouldn't you have really hated to be the one that did that. There probably was not a big enough place to hide.
mariofer 2
That is when you take the first flight out, no matter where to. Siberia? Yes, coach one way please.
Ken Lane 1
Aren't those levers marked well?
jmilleratp 2
The "fix" will be to have a comically large switch that is labeled, in large letters, WATER or FOAM!
Falconus 8
Let's file that under "oops"...
preacher1 2
That probably took somebody off the promotion list. LOL
joel wiley 6
Let's see them spin this one as pilot error 8-)
Ric Wernicke 3
He did taxi right into foam!
joel wiley 1
Photo seems to show the A/C dripping at the gate. Was it parked at the time?
preacher1 1
I think that is after it came back.
joel wiley 1
That makes more sense.

ken young 1
LOL.....Yeah...That big dummy.
preacher1 5
Actual pics did show a 330 but the video shows a 747. Really paying attention.
CaptainFreedom 3
Hey, they're kinda similar....the 747 just has that nasty little bump on its head...:)
sharon bias 3
It's a big plane. That's all the news media needs a picture of.
David Barnes 1
I think the video is from this event: and

The caption does identify it as "related" and references an emergency landing after a fault. The video caption doesn't specify that it is supposed to be video of THIS event. (Still can't explain why it is attached to this story, though.)
sharon bias 4
Belongs on the web site: You Just had one job to do.
Guy Lessard 2
...Now wacth the next rule to come ... no more water salute for airplanes...,weakliest link rule the world !!
Ric Wernicke 1
It seems that every airport fire service has one member of team that does not understand the mission on any given day. Most days things go well and they have nothing to do except hang around the fire house, grow moustache's, and cook bad chili.

You'd think a promotional appearance would be well planned and executed being that there is plenty of time and no pressure of life and property in danger. I can hear Sir Richard muttering under his breath "Monkey Country, No Bananas."
canuck44 1
Could be worse...the guy could be aircrew.
James Scandlyn 1
It should buff out....
ken young 1
NIce going....ACE.


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