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US Airways to operate a special farewell “flight 767″ from Philadelphia to Charlotte

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US Airways (Phoenix) as we previously reported, will operate the last regularly scheduled Boeing 767-200 ER revenue flight on February 11. ( Mais...

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Steve Costello 1
I wish AA would retire, or renovate, their 767 fleet. My wife and I have had the great displeasure of two round trip flights over the Atlantic in American Airlines 767s, and they are just about the most clapped out, worn out planes. On every one of our four flights, the padding in the seats was WELL past usability... nothing like 8-10 hours of feeling seat rails.

We've sworn off AA for overseas flights until they retire or refurbish their 767 fleet.
Andy Cruickshank 1
About time for their new owner to retire their 767s as well. They run the sorriest, oldest 763 on the RDU-LHR route. It is a disgrace. IFE system from the 80s
Ryan Vince 1
Or they could just upgrade the interior.


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