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AA280 diverts to Narita after heavy turbulance. 15 passengers injured.

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An American Airlines flight from Seoul to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was diverted on Tuesday after the aircraft hit severe turbulence. ( Mais...

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Ric Wernicke 5
Just because the seatbelt sign is off doesn't mean you can't wear it.
preacher1 3
They tell you to keep it on loosely for a reason.
John Teague 1
thank you.....
Vishan Persaud 2
s2v8377 1
YouTube video of the incident from the coach cabin:
The only note I kept hearing in that song was "o"
Bill Menzel 0
How about, "I love my family! I love my family very much!"
joel wiley 1
Definite 'E' Ticket ride. Disneyland always required seatbelts on those.
ltcjra 1
I have never experienced that much turbulence and don't want to. But you have to appreciate the structure of the airplanes and the manufacturing process. What actions do pilots take when they encounter turbulence like this episode? Slow airspeed, increase airspeed, fly level, look for better altitude?
First thing is to slow!!!
Herb Fischer 2
THRUSTT is generally right. Shoot for turbulence penetration speed- gives best protection from Stall and Mach Buffet- usually involves slowing a bit. If the airspeed is bouncing around too much to be useful, check LRC Power Setting. Be cautious about slowing in the descent or speeding up in climb- you might be delaying getting out of the layer of bumps. A/P either off or in basic Attitude Hold- no Altitude hold, VNav or LNav. A/T off, set power manually. Trim sparingly, if at all. Go with the Flow! Don't fight to hold track, altitude, or Airspeed. That part of the world has some of the worst tropopause related turbulence I have ever seen- do your own thing- stay below the trope until you are light enough to climb well above it, whatever- not a bad idea to leave the Seat Belt Sign on til Level Off. Just my thoughts- yours?
s2v8377 1
The AA 777 involved in the AA280 incident was Tail: N751AN Ship: 7BK if anyone wants to track the aircraft on FlightAware, or is a fleet geek like me.

Here is a link to another article on this by the Aviation Herald:

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preacher1 3
It is not a force or direction, but you get an announcement from the FA that the belt light is off, but that if you are seated to keep it loose and buckled. Direction or suggestion?
preacher1 0
This CAT must have been a bear though. CBS this morning said the hit a winter storm and were in this mess about 45 minutes. Seem like a long time but they came up with video from somewhere.

[This poster has been suspended.]

joel wiley 7
That instruction does not liberate you from the shackles of common-sense.
magnetoz 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

American Airlines Extreme Turbulence Caught On Video

Here's passenger video of the extreme turbulence encountered by American Airlines Boeing 777-200, Flight 280 from Seoul to Dallas-Fort Worth that injured 14 including 10 passengers.


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