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Top 25 Coolest Aircraft

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What makes an airplane "cool?" Suffice it to say, we know it when we see it. It just kind of hits you. Almost all of the airplanes here do something really differently (whether subtle or in-your-face). ( Mais...

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Thomas Cain 5
I don't trust any list of "Coolest" Aircraft, that don't include the P-51D Mustang, and/or the Submarine Spitfire!
Tim Marks 3
Thomas, no argument there, but they were smart enough to include the SR-71 and BD5J.
CaptainFreedom 2
They could have skipped the 2 silly jet suits and replaced them with 2 more worthy aircraft.
Jason Feldman 2
Two pictures of the Piaggio P180 on the banner but not on the list? It's an amazing aircraft that deserves to be there more than the Eclipse 550. A turbo prop that does Mach .7 at 41,000 feet is amazing.... a jet that does that is common.
glang3 5
Ok, I don't get it. In all listings,they always include the Spruce Goose somewhere. Don't get me wrong, I am impressed by its size. But, it made 1 accidental flight. How about including an airplane not much smaller and one that was in active service until just several years ago: The JRM Martin Mars Flying boat? Given its length of active service, I consider that one much more impressive...just saying!
Jim Anderson 1
Valid... yet the Mars wasn't made out of plywood... ;-)
glang3 1
Ha, true! ;)
panam1971 2
I liked the list. All the listed aircraft are definetely "cool" in their own ways. It would have been nice to see the mighty Dornier DO X flying boat included.
Jim Anderson 2
Beluga and 747-400LCF...
japanjeff 1
Aw, hoped the Lockheed U-2 would make it onto the list ;)
Tim Marks 1
Hmmmm, interesting choice of flying machines, not all could be considered aircraft in the truest sense, but all have their merits as evolutionary or revolutionary vehicles for their time. Granted everyone involved in aviation has those airplanes that are near and dear to our hearts, many of which may not have ended up on this list, but choice is what makes us all different and unique.


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