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Airbus gross orders pass 1,000 in August

Airbus’s gross orders for the year have topped the four-figure mark, although activity was relatively quiet during August. Iberia’s order for eight A350-900s accounted for the only long-haul deal, while there were firmed agreements covering 13 single-aisle aircraft. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke -1
What a bogus number to tout. I realize it is a fanboy puff piece, but really there are 25% fewer actual orders.

If you look at the real numbers Boeing flew faster and farther than Fluffbus in both net orders taken this year and actual airplane deliveries.

Boeing remains the aircraft of choice of savvy fliers, passengers, and airlines that want to make money from operations.
Phil Hall 2
I think you will find most passengers couldn't care less who the manufacturer of the plane is, just as long as it gets them where they want to go.
Though I guess you are American and extremely biased.
Ric Wernicke 1
Your guess is wrong, as is your thought about the preferences of most passengers.

My opinion is based on objective observation of aircraft from both financial and engineering sources.

If EADS had to sell planes without the EU mandate to buy local product and free financing for airlines that probably won't pay up, the sales department would need no more space than the average donut shop.
Phil Hall 1
If the EU had a mandate for European airlines to only buy European aircraft then Ryanair would have an all Airbus fleet. Ryanair has an all Boeing fleet, so stop talking rubbish.
Ric Wernicke 1
You and I both know the mandate is only for those airlines government controls. A private company like Ryanair is free to buy from anyone. As the black sheep of European aviation they have no need to please anyone in government.
Phil Hall 1
Just wondering exactly which major airlines are government controlled in Europe, none that I am aware of.
In fact if you take a look at the back orders for Boeing and Airbus the names of all the major European carriers appear in both order books which disproves your silly theory.
Has it not occurred to you that both manufacturers build excellent aircraft and the airlines are able to purchase the exact aircraft they for the routes they fly?
Jerry Rader 1
You are probably very correct. If I read the numbers correctly, it looks like Boeing has taken in 918 orders compared with 722 orders by Airbus and they have delivered probably over 460 airplanes by the end of August compared to 389 by Airbus. Boeing delivered 5 more 787 Dreamliners in August compared to July which is good.
patrick baker 0
and the number of new a-380 orders is (drumroll, please) is........


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