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Pilots reveal death-defying ordeal as engines failed on approach to Chek Lap Kok

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When both of Flight CX780’s engines failed on approach to Chek Lap Kok, tragedy looked certain to its pilots, who hadn’t trained for such an emergency. However, outstanding airmanship led to a safe – if not smooth – landing for the 322 people on board. ( Mais...

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John MacCalman 1
In 1998 I produced a radio documentary on the Old Kai Tak airport in which pilots and air traffic controllers talked about their experiences of the challenges flying in to Hong Kong. It is available on YouTube to listen to

The Radio Documentary about landing at the old Hong Kong Airport with contributions from pilots who flew this challenging approach on the IGS-13 making a sharp right at the checkerboard at 500ft over the Kowloon buildings with just seconds to line up and land on the runway often in treacherous weather conditions. NOTE THIS IS AUDIO ONLY. Over 1000 hours production time went in this project which features three flight deck landing (one in a simulator training for an engine fire on take off. Contributors include captains David West, Dick Duxbury, Chip Crosby, Ralph Requa, Barry Schiff, Manny Puerta, Tom Erikson, Chip Crosby, Randy Sohn, Tim Olson, Jim Hancock, Nick Bristow, and from Hong Kong Airport GM Tony Norman. Produced by John MacCalman and first broadcast on Radio Clyde in 1998 with special thanks to British Airways, Northwest Airlines (now part of Delta), Cathay Pacific and the most excellent team at Hong Kong Air Traffic Control.
canuck44 1
Thanx for the link. Don't have time to listen to all this am, but have sent the link to my resident mate whose family compound was hard up against the last marker going into Kai Tak.
preacher1 1
I'll be listening to it to. There are several of us on here that had the pleasure of "calling the board" on a "Charley Approach". As some were talking a few weeks back, although it is closed, there ought to be a SIM program for all new pilots on that one; if nothing else but to make them give praise they won't ever have to do it. Many of the carriers of that day had to run a force board to get senior crews on that run and some made special effort to qualify crews on that run or put premium pay on it.
Charles Arkens 1
The page would not come up for me.

steven fontaine 1
Charles Arkens 1
Thanks steven
matt jensen 1
A very misleading article:
"231 knots, some 177km/h above the normal landing speed"
Huh - converting knots to km - what I need is my conversion scale to read the article.

Further on "We were at 8,000 metres" - no you were at 8000ft!

A poorly written article - even from four years ago. Someone should have modified it to make it consistent. Keep meters and km together
preacher1 2
Well, one thing about it, if they were at 231kt they were definitely about 100kt hot. He's just luck he got that reverse thrust back at the end or he might have went for a good ride.
preacher1 1
I say ABOUT, having never flown the Bus, but in a 767 you'll kiss the marks at 130 or so, and I figure they are about the same.
I'm no Airbus pilot, but the article said the engines misfired on climbout. Surely prudence dictates a return, especially on an overwater flight... Maybe???
preacher1 3
Well, on the ground company engineers told them it was OK. yeah, uh huh.
Thru loss of awareness or sheer stupidity, I landed our 767 at about 210k in bad wx about halfway into an 8 grand runway but I had power and some degree of control. These guys should have ranked right alongside Sully or that 767 glider up in Canada years ago. Goes to show you that the Airbus can glide to. Hats off to these guys.
canuck44 3
...Age 35 and 41. Cathay picks good guys.

[This poster has been suspended.]

chalet 6
How many pennies did they give you to sprout such an imbecile comment
Gary Bennett 5
Really a stupid comment. I prefer Boeing also, but contaminated fuel would have done the same to a Boeing as an Airbus...
Mike Mohle -8
How is this news? It was 4 years ago. Good reporting to keep us traveling idiots informed!
canuck44 8
The news was the award and recognition of airmanship on the part of the pilots by a "peer organization" not the incidence itself. The award was given last month and the interview of the details actually followed that.


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