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Are airlines right to change their miles programs?

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Welcome to the brave new world of airline loyalty programs, where what you pay matters more than how much you fly. Delta surprised many frequent fliers last week by announcing it will become the first legacy airline to move to a system that bases your rewards on how much you pay, not how many miles you fly. ( Mais...

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Mike Williams 10
Get ready to give me some negative votes:

As a business traveler, I am not completely against this. But that is because most of the time, my company purchases my ticket about a week before the flight so my ticket cost more. This will thin the herd of gold and higher travelers that actually rarely travel and earned their status with credit card points and/or 2 trips to Europe in a year.

I usually hit Diamond status on segments long before miles. That is a grind :(

I heard somewhere that airlines earn 80% of their business through less than 20% of their travelers. This is a way to show loyalty to those that fund them the most.
No negative rep. Those who were used to pay bottom dollar and getting 5-star treatment are just going to have to pony up. As I said in another thread like this, I was a big abuser of the Delta program specifically years ago when I traveled as you do. It's their programs, let them change it how they see fit for changing business conditions. People are not entitled to these things! Why would they think they are for simply giving a company your email address and a little info? Yes, we're going to give you several business class upgrades for this. /sarcasm
jeff slack 2
No negative from me; I completely agree and understand.

Try paying $14,000 USD for a Sydney NYC return ticket and then on the domestic portion of the flight; being denied access to lounges across the USA because they are for Prem FF and members.

I was told; while I was traveling internally (FIRST CLASS!!) that my ticket did not give me access, however when I was using my international portion I could access those lounges.

I WILL NOT fly to the USA with a USA carrier again.
I will also insure I have no internal stops between my main destination while I navigate for business.

I think the system up there (and the U.S.airlines) are broken, maybe this will help them fix it while they come to grips with who is really paying their bills and helping them with their bottom line.
mountainman113 1
Mileage earned from purchases doesn't contribute to status, just to point totals. Gold status on most airlines would require four trips to Europe. As a frequent flyer for over 30 years, I've seen how the programs have grown and changed over the years. This is just another change. But I try to keep my clients from having to pay the usurious prices typically associated with last minute purchases, as do most corporate travel departments. Be surprised if your company doesn't show an interest in those "miles" that are dollar driven.

The more you get scammed, they more they pretend to reward you.
Scam is the operative word. Lol
It's their program, they're not forcing you to fly with them!!!
preacher1 3
If you read the story, the system had been HACKED and they were closing loopholes. It is their program to do with as they wish. The most vocal are probably the most abusive; don't know that for sure but that's generally what happens. If nothing else, they ought to pull down the mileage awards to miles flown, not buying Reese's cups at Target.
LancairESP 2
Programs vary a lot. I just redeemed 190,000 miles plus $75 tax for two tickets on Delta to Italy. Emirates Airlines wanted 190,000 plus $1,600 for tax and fuel surcharge.It's their program and they could do what they want. It's my money and I will fly the airline that treats me the best. Arrivederci Emirates!
Kent Thompson 1
Sounds to me like the airlines have issued to much of their own currency (frequent flyer miles,), and are now (actually this may have been going on for awhile the way it sounds)trying to figure out how not to redeem them at their full value to those who have earned them.
Lynn Armbruster 0
that's some bs


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