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Final boarding: McDonnell Douglas DC-10 makes last passenger flight

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Remember all that fuss over the Concorde? Now it's the McDonnell Douglas DC-10's turn. But what sort of retirement party awaits the airline industry's final scheduled DC-10 passenger flight? ( Mais...

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duke terpstra 2
I was wrong about KLM ,they use MD-11 on some flights, which I think is a later version of the DC -10
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Yes duke, KLM uses MD-11 on the Montréal- Amsterdam flights. I don't know of any other. In old KLM tradition, they still offer at least one choice of fish for their meals.
panam1971 1
Yet another classic type goes by the wayside.
Randy Michel 1
My first and only DC-10 flight resulted in me getting airsick due to lack of air circulation in the middle seats in Coach close to KMSP.

Lockheed Tristar 1
Definielty the end of a beautiful era. Love these old tri jets more than any other jet. Farewell DC-10
Galen Labady 1
My uncle used to fly DC-10s and loved it.
Dan Klees 1
My one and only DC-10 flight was on United, PIT to ORD in June 1978 on our way to Hawaii. Had a nice flight and a hot breakfast. My younger brother and I were allowed a brief cockpit visit on our way off the plane. Get that, wide-body from PIT to ORD...
josh homer 1
My first DC-10 was the day I got my flight benefits. Flew DFW-MIA, then a dc10 first class MIA-LAX, then back to DFW. Saw both coasts in one day.
Musketeer1 2
Man Miami to LA 1st class back in the day must have been damn nice.
duke terpstra 0
I remember fying Miami-Amsterdam on DC-10 w/National Airlines a few times not a bad plane unless you got stuck in the middle of a 5 seat row . I thought KLM still uses DC-10 on a few select flights...


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