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Continental CEO will cancel flights before fines

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DALLAS — Continental Airlines plans to cancel flights rather than risk stiff fines under new federal rules designed to punish carriers for delaying passengers. CEO Jeff Smisek said Tuesday the result will be that passengers will have more trouble getting to their destinations. A spokesman for the U.S. Transportation Department said airlines can avoid fines by doing a better job of scheduling flights and crews. Under a Transportation Department rule taking effect next month, airlines can be… ( Mais...

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Jackie Butcher 0
It is not really punishment...there is nothing funny about spending 3 hours on a tarmac without food, water and a bathroom that needs servicing. I think it is the right thing to do.
Gene spanos 0
Now jetblue and delta want to be exempted !
Why ?
They [ the airlines ] are exmpt from the US EPA
emissions standards - thanks to folks like the IATA ?

What more crap do they wany ?

Gound-em and pound'
em for us.

Joel Rodriguez 0
As much as I love my Continental, I think they are being big babies about all this, along with Delta and JetBlue.

Go ahead and cancel your flights, it will only upset your passengers who will find alternative ways to spend our money on other airlines TO GET to our final destination.
mattdavis 0
Airlines will be punished by the consumers if they employ this tactic too often. I hope airlines use this to strive to improve their operations, not just find excuses to cancel flights.
Boomer29 0
Wow. It is apparent most passengers have no comprehension of aircraft and aircrew scheduling. Nor are they aware of ATC delays, gate availability at destination, etc. A flight on any major airline is not a cab ride to the theater.
dbreslin 0
The government just forced the airlines to cancel flights before paying a fine. You would do the same. Airlines have canceled low-revenue flights for years - but only if downline revenue could be accommodated. Airlines are responsible for their bottom line - that's about it. They don't really, seriously give a hoot about passenger comfort. If they did they would empower their captains to take care of their passengers better. Then there wouldn't be any irrational ramp camp-outs...
JRHensley7 0
How about putting all that time and money into an upgraded ATC system, handing out fines to people who are trying to prvide a service? Some ATC locations have equipment olde than the people operating it! If you modernize the system and stop trying to fine airlines for a problem that the government is continually creating (i.e. not putting the money required into the ATC system) then maybe people would fly more then airfare would come down again and the guess what people would fly even more! But what do I know maybe the government dosnts give a crap about the millions and projected billions of passenegers that use the airlines every year, maybe the government just wants to keep their answering machines clear of the idots who want to complain about somthing that they have no idea about. P.S. IF you dont know about aiation, the ATC, system or how flying actually works and you just want to take advantage of speed and mobility that flying provides KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT HOW ITS RUN. But I suspect you will keep complaining about the price of airline tickets and then wonder why they dont have sombody rubbing your feet and feeding you a 7 course meal with you own private movie screen. Right?
I don"t blame the airlines. The fine is 27500.00 per passenger which would be over 4 million for a plane load.
Chip Hermes 0
Continental has another outspoken CEO that gets constant press!
Jon Arvik 0
Knock yourself out, Continental!! Now I know that I should never, ever, book a flight with you! If you are so damn dumb that you allow me to sit on the runway for almost three hours, then cancel the flight, I'm not stupid enough to fly with you. Bye....
Ray Irizarry 0
Continental is a damn good airline. Try calculating the logistics and mathematics involved getting a B737-700 from Houston to Quito after it has spent an hour and a half on the tarmac before takeoff. It's seven hours guys. The alternative is Panama City. I know. I flew FLT 653 two weeks ago.
rofagereng 0
Great! More finger pointing between the government and the airline industry with the traveling public caught in the middle again.


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