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$6000/mo US Gov't Hangar Queen

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CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — At an airfield in rural Georgia, the U.S. government pays a contractor $6,600 a month for a plane that doesn’t fly. The plane is a 1960s turboprop with an odd array of antennas on its back end and the name of a Cuban national hero painted on its tail. It can fly, but it doesn’t. Government orders. ( Mais...

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canuck44 24
So what...we have 535 Hanger Queens in DC that we pay $174,000 each per year and one we pay $230,700 annually that we house at the Naval Observatory that don't seem to do much, like passing a budget.
preacher1 3
preacher1 10
We don't want to publicize this too much. The old boy that owns that hangar in GA might eventually lose a good renter. LOL
Tim Smith 10
And consequently the senator that approved the budget for the hangar will not be receiving the "donations" to his campaign....
Roland Dent 3
Don't want this stuff falling into the wrong hands Wayne. World War One artillary was still in use in some conflicts in 1997.
danvorlander 2
What stuff? An airplane with a TV transmitter in it. If the Cubans jammed it within 20 minutes, they have the technology already.
Ev Butler 9
My local FBO charges $200/month hangar fees. A little bit of shopping around could save the taxpayers a lot of money. Maybe the hangar needs to be a bit larger for this crate. Our hangars can store two King Airs comfortably.

As many employees as the feds have, some of them need to use their brain. This aircraft needs to be sent to the boneyard or be stored at a much cheaper facility. With some thought about these contracts, maybe the sequester wouldn't be necessary.
Michael Dulitz 4
How about you take that ~$90,000 and put it towards two scholarships for two Cuban students to study in the United States. They can take their "free and uncensored" US education back to Cuba and help to make an actual change in their country. I met numerous students in Havana whose dream it was to study in the United States... Guess what, there are very few opportunities for that, but plenty of money is spent on these hate campaigns that do not even reach the audience.
Cubans have access to that information, either through facebook or the multiple daily flights from US cities to Cuba, they can get all the information they want. It sounds like a bunch of backscratching.

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D. W. 6
Get off the air, dork!
AWAAlum 3
You're an embarrassment to this site and goodness only knows what else.
Latimer Taylor 4
Send it to the Smithsonian and make money on the deal. Good story and show piece.
Michael Sharritt 3
The people that run the airport there work for the government extensively, and a company called Phoenix Air.They own several LJs and several other aircraft including a couple of Medical Evac Gulfstreams.
preacher1 5
Can we say backscratching and don't tell nobody about this. Congress approved it so why would anybody even question it.
Roland Dent 0
More like it is in safe hands. Take you and me for example..we are old but we can and do when they need us...little directional help now and then to the kids.
8literbeater 3
Lesson learned:
The United States government spends large amounts of money on free television broadcasts to strategically sway mass populations toward their political agenda. (Of course they would never do that to their own people, only to propagandize those poor communists.)
Bill Kline 2
it would have been nice to see the entire plane, but it should go to an action for better use
Scott Morris 2
Brian Bishop 3
And that pretty much sums up how our government works these days......
Randy Marco 0
THESE days........ Nooooo it's the way Government has ALWAYS run and especially under Repugnant leadership which wants the Industrial Military Complex to continue unabated > so their REAL base, the Large Corps in this country can stay flush with cash > so the political contributions keep coming.

Give me a break THESE DAYS.... our military uses 1/2 > ONE HALF > 50% of all the oil consumed in this country AND we with 5% of the worlds population use 22% of the worlds oil production.

PLEASE turn off Faux News & get an education before spewing ignorant comments!
preacher1 2
Actually, Fox news is the only one with the Gonads to report such as this.
Randy Marco -1
Lies do not equal gonads AND goofs that believe their lies really broadcast their ignorance!

Further are you aware that the number TWO Shareholder of News Corp, (and PERSONAL BUDDY of Rupert Murdoch) is a SHARIA-BELIEVING, TOWEL-HEADED, ALLAH-PRAYING MUSLIM???

Well?? DID YOU???

Make SURE you continue to support Fox & Faux News so the advertising dollars goes to our true enemies…. the MUSLIMS!!! You Fox supporters MAKE ME SICK!!!
preacher1 2
Our opinions will differ and that is what makes this country great, in being able to express it, although getting difficult at times, BUT, you don't hear any of that crap reported on the other 3 or on CNN. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.AND, that will be all I have to say on the matter so have the last word if you wish or leave as is. I care not.
Randy Marco -1
Yep I fully expect you can't/won't be confused with FACTS....... as I said you are the typical ignorant Faux News viewer as proved by your comments!
JetMech24 0
LOL! Thanks for the entertainment guys! The REAL truth is there is NO objective news reporting any more from any news agency. Just like the very same politicians they all support, all are worthless and should be ignored entirely. Randy, I was with you on your first comment right up until you brought up the military oil use and FOX. Of course the military uses that much oil, we have a lot of stuff to fuel and we are spread all over the globe, it wasn't THAT ground breaking of a statement, and the FOX thing was just too stupid to even comment on.
Tyler Girouard 1
sparkie624 1
Nice Video... Notice the captains side window De lamination at 0:52 to 0:55 seconds. I do not know what part they are flying under, but I know pilots that would not take it.
seahawker01 1
From your pic I assume you are flying an RJ. Given that history, it is no wonder you would be concerned about cockpit glass. Remember though that turboprops windows are not subjected to the same abuse as jets. Even in 121 operation one can operate with delaminating as long as it is within the limits of the mtc manual.
sparkie624 1
You are 1/2 right about me... I don't fly them.. I fix them. (Maintenance Controller).
sparkie624 1
BTW, I used to work on Dash 8's as a mechanic and maintenance control. We were only allowed 1" delam from the edge... That is certainly more than 1". They only fly up to 28,000 (Not RVSM).
btweston 1
The government paying silly amount of money for a plane that doesn't fly? I thought the F-22 was a jet...
Roland Dent 2
You mean a Fokker?
Bernard Gaffney 1
What else is new?
Randy Michel 1
The G-1 is a classic, however I hated fueling those things given the fuel port is dead center in the wing. It should defnitely go to a museum and get it off the gov books.
Scott Morris 1
Here is the history of that aircraft...
blueashflyer 1
should do a clandestine cargo flight and parachute drop thousands of DirectTV satellite dish receivers. a Berlin Air Lift for the digital age
Questions first! Is this a Cartersvile, Ga City hangar? A private hangar? The Contractors hangar? Leased, purchased, rented or built all is public information except for a US government built hangar!From the tail looks like a GI.The United States of America must really like this turd! Lets have some transparency since this is not your average General Aviation Aircraft Owners Prop Jet! Washington Post in D.C. give us more please!!!!!!!!!
Scott Morris 1
Never heard a G1 referred to as a turd. Most everyone I know who has ever flown one had nothing but respect for it.

sparkie624 1
This is cheap compared to a lot of government waste...
John Berry 1
Our government wasting money? Who would have thought?
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
In democracy, people get the government they deserve.
And they govern the way it suits them, not what suits the people.
At local level it means you get the rep you deserve(chose).
So, why complain?
AWAAlum 1
People complain because the government doesn't perform as promised when campaigning. People can only make voting decisions based on an individual's historical performance and vision, and if those two don't play out after election, people have every right to complain.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Revolt, where ever necessary, and in a manner that suits the particular society !
n111ma 1
This old G-1 was flying on April 28, 2013. Have a look..
Travis Roberts 1
The part about the article I don't like is that it gives the impression it's been in the hanger for many decades...
ChrisMD123 0
Let's bring some perspective into this. The sequestration was about $1.1 trillion over eight years. That's $138 billion per year, if you split it evenly.

That hanger costs $6600/month, or $79,200/year. So you'd need to keep that thing in storage for over 1700 years to make up a tenth of a percent of the value of a single year of the sequester.

Yes, every dollar "wasted" is a tragedy, but let's keep this in perspective.
preacher1 3
Perspective yes, BUT, pennies make dollars, and that is the problem now. We are looking over a whole bunch of little stuff trying to find that one big thing to cut, when in fact, a bunch of small stuff is what it is going to take. IMHO
Roland Dent 1
Use for that in S Korea when the time is right. That storage is money well spent.
PhotoFinish 1
> "Perspective yes, BUT, pennies make dollars, and that is the problem now. We are looking over a whole bunch of little stuff trying to find that one big thing to cut, when in fact, a bunch of small stuff is what it is going to take. IMHO"

That's why drastic steps like sequesters can work. Because gov't budgeters don't zero out unnecessary or no longer used programs that bloat the gov't budget, a mechanism that zeros out all programs (unrealistic but potentially very helpful) or that cuts every program (good or bad) across the board can really help to focus the mind. Those really crucial programs will get funding again somehow, but those expenses that are no longer important or that don't havd a constituency would wither over time, getting pared back repeatedly year after year.

Of course it does take some cooperation, or at least not actively workin at cross purposes. For example it not the wisest move to instruct department heads to identify crucial programs to cut and publicize for political purposes. No matter the political benefit from doing so, that effort is misplaced.

By not cutting non-essential programs and expenses, less is left over for what we as a society deem important, essential, crucial, and necessary. Getting rid of waste should cut across all political persuasions. For some it provides more money for what they truly value. For others it reduces gov't waste that is better unspent and retained by taxpayers. Win-win for everyone.

The US can't retain the bloat and remain competitive in a globalized world where other countries' don't even consider taking on the responsibilities nor costs of policing the world.

The US certainly can't do all the global policing, global foreign aid, domestic rebuilding, and domestic programs, while also not cutting bloat wherever it may exist in these gargantuan budgets. Every little bit, one at a time, until the spending reflects the most impryant values of the society at any moment. Otherwise we become slaves to the ever-growing borg budget that will assimilate all expenses good and bad.
Mark Schultz 0
Once again our all mighty congress is the best our tax dollars can buy. This hanger fee is just a spit in the bucket of federal waste. These greedy politicians stand around with an open hand behind their back for a pay-off while they shoot their BIG mouth off saying " I'm here to serve you". B S !!!
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
What is the big deal ?
How much money is spent to preserve the art and culture of society every where and any where? In maintaining museums, by every state or country ?
The only question that can arise is whether a particular society is equipped and ready to maintain it?
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
Coduct value-for-money or cost-benefit analysis !
preacher1 1
You are talking about the US Gummint here. Surely you jest, regarding the Cost-Benefit analysis. LOL
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
The rule is universal, my friend preacher1.
Omnipotent, omnipresent, omnibus !
preacher1 1
It is universal as far as normal, even ordinary business practice goes, 101, but as I said, you are talking about the government, that operates on the principle of who has the strongest congressman or senator.
Er.A.K. Mittal 0
My answer still hold.
Who writes history? The victor!
Who decides? The powerful!
And they too follow the same rules!
Rules do not change, times or persons or places may!
That's what makes the rule universal, omnipotent, omnipresent, omnibus !


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