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Mystery of pilot's metal CLIPBOARD crammed with aviation documents that fell from the sky in New York City suburb

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Adam Rosenberg, a pilot and Federal Aviation Administration examiner, told NBC New York that while it is possible the aviator in question forgot the clipboard on top of a wing before flight, it is unlikely that the item would have stayed in place during takeoff. Rosenberg added that it’s unusual, but not unheard of, for an item to fall out of a plane if the cockpit door was accidentally left ajar, or if the plane has an exposed cockpit. ( Mais...

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Dave Mathes 5
..."the unusual projectile, believed to belong to a pilot"....really, ya' think?...
Roland Dent 2
Nah..conspiracy set up..was all a set up.
Ralph Wigzell 1
I love conspiracy theories.
Roland Dent 2
Changes your mindset...not sure it is a good change. I was much happier as an innocent freshman.
Ralph Wigzell 3
Talking about objects being ejected from airplanes, I have a story (true as I was there at the time) about an infamous flight examiner in South Africa. Infamous because very few candidates passed his check rides at the first attempt. (I was one of them...) He was conducting a check ride in a C210 with a pilot of equally strong personality. During the instrument let down he kept on knocking the guy with his briefcase. Eventually the pilot lost his cool and said, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" to which he replied.."I'm testing you to see what you do under duress.". Well, he just opened himself up to what he received. The pilot opened the window, grabbed the guy's briefcase and threw it out the window. "That's what I do under duress", was his reply. Well I understand that he passed his test and the examiner mellowed somewhat from that point on.
bbabis 1
I doubt the clipboard would have hurt much the way it would have come down. Now that 3 pound chunk of lead is another story. It wouldn't have hurt much either. It would have been instant lights out. I have two theories with the clipboard. It was left on a surface of an aircraft and the strap snagged something keeping it on the aircraft until after takeoff only to come off later when air patterns around it changed. The other option is that it belongs to a helicopter pilot and he/she is very lucky it didn't get into the tail rotor.
James Casey 1
Mystery solved, the "flight plan" in the close up view with the papers spread out has the aircraft listed as a J3. Not exactly an open cockpit but easy to lose loose items if the window is open. Shoulda be hard to figure out where it came from. KUDOS to the kneeboard for keeping all those "important" papers together!
Ralph Wigzell 1
As a matter of interest, aren't ALL our(crew) clipboards crammed with aviation documentation (half of which tatty and out of date)? :)
Bernie20910 1
When I was a kid I lived four miles from the threshold of 13L at KJFK. If I climbed the tree in front of the house I could look straight down the runway. I remember back in the 60's hearing about a lady a little closer in waking up one morning to find a pair of wheels and chunk of gear embedded in her front yard.
Michael Aiken 1
A lot of J3 pilots fly with the door open
Ralph Wigzell 1
How many J3s flew from KHWV to Pier Field on 06/19 at 16h36?
Ralph Wigzell 1
It was probably tracked right here on F.A. I don't have time to check today unfortunately.
Jeff Lawson 2
FlightAware only had a single aircraft on an IFR flight plan out of KHWV at that time period, and it was a PA44 not a J3. He was probably only flying VFR, since there are not very many Piper Cubs that fly IFR.
Ralph Wigzell 1
I'm not too familiar with the area or the airfields, so help me get this right. Are the arrivals and departures recorded at those airfields, KHWV and Piper Field? My next question is, does the FAA consider it to be a notable incident? If they do then they will find out who the clip board belongs to provided the departures and arrivals are logged, and/or if the pilot filed a flight plan.
Jeff Lawson 1
KHWV (Brookhaven) and KLHV (Piper Memorial) are both untowered airports, so anyone can take off or land without anyone really knowing. Generally people will be making radio announcements on the CTAF at such untowered airports, but I don't think there's generally any official FAA recording made at such untowered airports. The LiveATC website might have a recording of those frequencies (I haven't checked). It might be something worthy of the FAA's time to investigate, but I don't know.
Ralph Wigzell 1
Thanks Jeff. It's like the night my jacket went missing over some farmland when the door popped open, no kidding, Baron 58.
Leighton Elliott 1
I'm wondering who thought of lead as an attribute as near weightless portion of any aircraft unless it was ballast from a h
ot air balloon.
dee9bee 1
A LONG time ago, I flew with a Captain in a Twin Otter who did his Jepp revisions while inflight over northeast TX. Guess where the discarded charts went afterward? Yep, out the side window...
david kuhn 1
That mystery piece that went through the roof?... it was from a woodchipper!
No one has come forward and claimed it!
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Open or exposed cockpit , o.k. I got it . But accidental opening or leaving it ajar ? Strange in the days of pressurized cabins and "so many" safety gadgets and warning lights fitted here there and every where .
I will love to know the follow up of this . It should make an interesting reading . If some one can help me with it .
I thought it was strange too, all those pressurized Hawks and Lanes with the flashing warning lights and blaring horns...
James Casey 1
Flight plan says J3. Not many annunciators in those.
n9341c 1
A J3 is about as basic flying as it gets, and flying with the windows open isn't unusual. A J3 doesn't go much faster than a car on the freeway. Usually those kneeboards have a strap that goes around the thigh and velcros to the other side. I'm guessing he forgot to strap it on. When the breeze hit it, gone! Mystery solved.
Gene spanos 1
What is even more scary....a plane at any of the three N.Y. area airports cannot make a go around type turn without running head on into another plane taking off from another airport.Case in point was the most recent incident with the 747-800
and another fully occupied aircraft.

Enough is enough......
Roland Dent 1
Yup..that's why someone planted this junk...


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