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A Historic Chapter In Aviation Closes & It Won’t Be Documented

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As it stands now, on the 23rd of May 2013, around 10:30pm EST the last flight ever will board at JFK Terminal 3, from Gate 6, and at approximately 11:25pm EST the last aircraft will close its doors, and push back into the alley for the last time. Delta Flight 268, a Boeing 747-451, will taxi to intersection Kilo-Golf, onto Taxiway Alpha and JFK’s Terminal 3 will cease all operations. ( Mais...

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Lisa Wojcik 1
Anyone interested in helping to reverse PANYNJ and Delta's plan to destroy Worldport at JFK...

Go to our website:
Sign our petition!!!
Like our Facebook page
Buy and wear a Save the Worldport t-shirt
Write letters
Talk to PANYNJ at commission meetings!

The lights may be out, but it's not too late to keep up a good fight.
Join us.
allan howell 1
My first Job as a young landed immigrant was working at terminal 3 for Pan Am as a Wheelchair Attendant. I met many interesting people deplaning on both sides of the terminal. Witnessed the wonder of Central European and Etheopian immigrants as they arrived during the great exodus of the 90's and saw the day to day evolution of Terminal 4. Yes Terminal 3 did have glory days
Lisa Wojcik 1
Join us - sign the petition!


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