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Naming rights gone wrong. NASA Dryden renamed?

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Shouldn't heroes last forever? In honoring heroes by naming things after them, why must Congress downgrade and displace previous ones? In late February, the House cast a 394-0 vote to rename NASA's cutting-edge flight research center in Southern California after the late astronaut Neil Armstrong. What could possibly be wrong with that? ( Mais...

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Bill Babis 5
Neil Armstrong himself would not have wanted this. 394-0 shows that they all, Repub and Dem alike, play the same game of forget about the past and vote for whatever they think will get them one more vote now and damn the future. We are currently living the results of the past 30 years of this. Their 13% approval rating means nothing. Everyone says throw them all out except for my congress person and we get an 87% reelection rate. Until we ALL vote to throw our own congress person out, nothing will change.
MimosaDrive 3
I would be happy to get rid of my congressman, Mario Diaz-Balart, but because of gerrymandering it's pretty much impossible.
Bill Babis 2
Hang in there Mimo, No road is so long that it doesn't turn. Keep voting for the best candidate to get us back to where this great nation should be; leading the world and showing the great things a free society can accomplish. Men like Dryden, Lewis, and Armstrong could lead again if we could get Washington out of the way.
Brett Yourgans 4
I agree that it is likely that Mr. Armstrong would have never wanted this, he was a humble man that avoided the spotlight and gave credit to all the 450,000+ people that made the moon landings possible. The greater insult to his memory is our current, and likely foreseable future lack of a United States manned spaceflight program. We went from zero to the moon in nine years, we had one of the greatest machines man has ever designed in the Space Shuttles, and now at less than half of their designed life they sit forever rotting away in museums. We now have to buy a ride into space from our former adversary in the space race, what a disgrace to all those who dedicated their lives to the US space programs, and a true insult to those with the names of Grissom, White, Chaffee (Apollo 1), Smith, Scobee, McNair, Onizuka, McAuliffe, Jarvis, Resnik (STS-51-L Challenger), and Husband, McCool, Andersom, Chawla, Brown, Clark, Ramon (STS-107 Columbia) who gave their lives onboard a US spacecraft in the pursuit of what at least at one time was this country's greatest dreams that we turned into reality.
MimosaDrive 1
It would make more sense to rename the United States of America. After all, Amerigo Vespucci wasn't even American - he was Italian. Plus he "discovered" South America not North America. If congress renamed the country to United States of Armstrong we would still be the "U.S.A.", but renaming America the Beautiful wouldn't have the same ring to it. Never mind.
Ricky Scott 1
It was originally America, but then they discovered there were 2 land masses connected by a bridge. THUS north and south.

We could be columbia but it was taken :)


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