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Secret 'no-fly zone'? Pilot seeks answers after arrest

Robin Fleming, 70, had been arrested for breach of peace after flying his Rolladen-Schneider LS8-18 sailplane noiselessly over the H.B. Robinson Nuclear Generating Station at an altitude of 1,518 feet msl—by his estimates, about 1,000 feet over the power plant’s dome—on his way to search for lift at nearby Lake Robinson. No airspace restrictions were printed on sectional charts; no notam marked the area off-limits. ( More...

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Gestapo mentality. Power without brainpower.
"Commandeering the airport, shooting the glider down,' sounds like that pig had a sugar high from too many donuts!!!
In all due fairness, I'n not attacking all cops, just the moronic ones like these. That was just STUPID!!!
tim mitchell 8
dud1 7
"Commandeering the airport”; “Shooting down the glider” sounds more like a movie script rather than reality. It sounds like that the power and authority entrusted to these people as law enforcement officer/s has gone to their head/s and they are acting a boyhood dream.
I certainly hope that he was not a senior member of the department.

1. Who did this officer really think he was? This person is a loose cannon and a liability to the department.
2. Where were his superiors & supervising office?
3. Who authorized such action? Surely it is not a decision made by an officer on the beat?
4. Under what legislation was he acting under?
5. As a Law Enforcement officer, how many laws; jurisdiction; etc they violate?
6. If he acted with such disrespect for the law in the simple matter, what would this do in a high pressure situation? Blow the place up? Destroy the building to the ground to open a door?

In all genuineness most officers of the Darlington County Sheriff Department are decent responsible people, but the problem here is that these few officers involved in this situation and their captain give the rest of the Darlington County Sheriff Department’s a bad name and makes them the laughing stock of Law Enforcement.

When you Google Darlington County Sheriff Department SC website there is no Capt. Joyce C. Everett! You have

1. Sheriff J. W. Byrd who really needs to publicly address this matter;
2. Chief Deputy Jerry Thompson;
3. Capt. Andy Locklair Administration;
4. Capt. John McLeod Criminal Investigation Division;
5. Capt. James Hudson Patrol Commander.
6. Capt. Gary Streett Training Coordinator.

Capt. Joyce C. Everett who are you? What is your role in the department?
dud1 2
Not much seems to have said in the local media when you do a Google search.

Most media outlets do not seem not interested in how their law enforcement works and just AOPA.

Normally the media is all over breaches of Freedom of Speech! This raises the question did Sheriff J. W. Byrd or the mayor suppress the story?
dud1 6
Quote “”

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Double-Secret No-Fly Zone

The cops in Darlington, SC arrested a glider pilot last summer for violating a "no-fly zone" over a nuclear plant. The pilot, age 70, spent nearly a day and a half in jail before he was released.

Here is the thing: There was no such "no-fly zone". The cops made it all up. They lied about the facts and, after finding out that there was no national security violation, the cops charged him with breach of the peace (a catch-all charge that translates to "we know you done something, we ain't sure just what").

The cops in Darlington County knew they had fucked up, because the charges were dropped in exchange for a promise by the pilot not to sue them. Which is not only extortion, it's likely an ethical breach by the county prosecutor.

What a fucking country we live in.
Mark Lansdell 3
Was there any attempt to publish the story anywhere else other than AOPA Pilot? There can be no supression unless ther was an attempt to publish or tell the story or there was some sort of order that if anyone made details public there would be consequences from the mayor or local sheriff. A beter question is who put the local law enforcement into gear. Whose Chereos did the pilot tinkle in
dud1 4
Mark. These are the questions: was there a cover-up/suppression placed on the local media? Where consequences from local officials if they ran the story. If Law Enforcement place conditions on the pilot, then who else have placed under caution?

It would not have been put on the wire to other media outlet if the locals were silenced and would not have seen the light of day if AOPA had not published their article.

When such a breach of Civil Rights; Usurping of FAA authority; etc goes unreported in the local media, raises questions as to else is not being published; what other breaches of jurisdiction by local Law Enforcement officer are not being reported.

The facts are; Firstly, if nothing illegal had occurred in this incident then there would have been no requirement for the pilot to be forced to give up his civil right to compensation as there would have no case to answer. Secondly, in place conditions on the pilot the department clearly indicates that they know they would loose a law suite.

As with everything there is a chain of events starting with the shift commander and their dispatch commander which has lead to this outcome. Consequently, Sheriff Byrd really needs to take responsibility for what has happened, go public address this matter detailing the chain of events; Who authorized these actions and why; What action has been taken against those involved.

Capt. Gary Streett their Training Coordinator needs to address the remedial action taken to ensure that someone does go off half cocked again.
Mark Lansdell 3
I understand. I'm convinced I have been speaking Greek lately.

From the sound of things you are from that jurisdiction. You are asking questions that might be asked in a criminal investigation.

If the agreement was to cover up an "illegal" arrest it is not binding on the pilot as the agreement is from an illegal act in the first place. The questions I posed have to be answered if you are to proceed with any investigation into this. It sounds like you have a gut feeling but that is pure conjecture and no judge would give it credence no any standing. The agreement itself may prove to be evidence of a cover-up. My bet is the pilot would rather go flying than sue the town, but that is another gut feeling.

From experience, the problem started with the power plant security folks. I have had run ins with like people before. The power company rent-a-cops over step their bounds often.
Juliaan Edward 2
Could it be that Capt. Joyce C. Everett is already removed from the force ?
To avoid more problems ,this was maybe not his first idiotic fact ?
Juliaan Edward 4
There is more going on in the Darlington County Sheriff Department.

Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd terminated several deputies following his re-election Tuesday evening.

Jack Zzzz 1
Your Google isn't working properly. My Google search returned a PDF file at that shows Captain Joyce C. Everett is a captain on the "uniform patrol", whatever that is. He's also listed in Google also pointed me to where the listing for Capt. Everett shows his phone number, his family members, and even a picture of his house. Or, you could simply try and search for Joyce Everett in SC. You'll see the captain's name come up first in the list. He lives in Florence, just a few miles from Darlington, SC.
And they carry the assault rifles the government don't think we are worthy of. Go figure.
Mr Aflac 1
That's what happens when trained people have assault weapons. Imagine untrained citizens... oh wait
Trained? Are you kidding?
dmedders 1
Trained NYPD officers shot nine innocent bystanders at the Empire State Building last August. We should trust them? Really?

Why carry a gun? Because a policeman is too heavy and may not be able to shoot straight.
Tom Trainor 2
Hi Dave - Boy did that incident get swept under the rug. If my memory is right, The 'crazy' armed perpetrator just shot his single intended target - he didn't miss - then as he was leaving our heroic NYPD officers arrived to the rescue of the public and shot nine of them - none of them being the perpetrator!
Tomasz Fiszer -7
Now this comment is really bad! In my opinion, no guns should be on sale, anywhere, ever.
Then don't come to the US. We have the second amendment here for a reason.

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ken young 10
I always get a good chuckle out of you people who scream THIS IS A DEMOCRACY!!.
Check your facts genius. The USA is a representative republic.
Chris Banzet 7
I always get a kick out of people like lbjack... First, we are "NOT" a Democracy... Better go look that up.. We're a "Republic".. Our forefathers set us that way for a reason.

Secondly, I'm tired of hearing how bad Americans are and how great your countries are. If that's the case, stop flocking over here in droves. Take your people and move "BACK" to your socialistic islands, and let freedom ring!!!

I'm always amazed at how we always have to go around and save everyone else's ass, and 2 decades later, it's as if we were never there....

America is the greatest nation on Earth.. You may not like it, it probably gives you some superiority complex, but it's just too bad... We're as strong and as free as we are, because of the great constitutional freedoms we have... And we're not about to let some social agenda liberals change it.. :) That's a promise from the patriots of America... :)
Eric Spittle -1
I am on your side in this particular debate, but you do our nation no favors. We are not the greatest nation on earth, we are but one among a global community. This ethnocentrism does not serve our nation and like it or not we are interconnected with the world. You seem like a smart guy so I don't want to insult you in any way, but I do wish you would try to see things from a global point of view. It doesn't have to be us versus them, it doesn't have to be democrat vs republican, or the rest of the world against the US.

I hate that schools teach it as if we saved the world during both World Wars, because it simply isn't true. Sure, we provided some fresh blood that helped renew the fight, but we did not win either war single-handedly. Ultimately we are all global citizens, at some point we all came here from somewhere else, if you tell someone to "go home" then it implies you have to as well.

That being said, just because other places believe in gun control (regardless of how poorly it has worked), doesn't mean that they are right. Our founding fathers laid out ten basic human rights, most if which were later adopted by the Geneva conventions, that they declared that government should not ever be able to take away from citizens. These are the very pillars that define our nation, and if we take that away we admit that the experiment that is America has failed. The entire idea of the Bill of Rights is that we can change other laws but these ten things we hold as inalienable freedoms. A path where one of those rights is taken away "for the greater good" leads directly to a path where more rights we hold precious can be taken away for the "greater good."
Chris Banzet 1
@Eric - It's not a debate, the historical evidence of America's value to the world war's is distinct, and very clear. Your colors show when you talk like that, and you're wrong, it is about Liberals and Conservatives. Americans against other foreign ideologies.

You're confused if you don't think there are other types of "wars" being waged that don't involve guns... There's a war of ideology, morality, patriotism, ethics and even truth.

I would HATE to be a historian 250 years from now and try to deduce the facts from the SPIN of today's news media, college professors and teachers with an "agenda" that reaches further into kid's minds than just teaching education. It would be extremely hard To try and determine what the people of this time really believed "morality" was. Or more pathetically, who's responsibility it was to protect others.

You see on one hand, a Liberal wants to STEAL money out of my pocket to pay for the supposed poor, but on the other hand, he can sleep silently and peacefully in his bed, while here in our own streets, kids go hungry, bums beg for their next meal, and across the world there are women and little children being slaughtered, forced to become soldiers, raped, beaten, taken away to sex slave camps, abused solely because they are women, etc..

So don't tell me about how I should place my feelings on the rest of the world. This isn't the only continent I've ever lived on, or the only one I've shed blood on. I'm an American veteran, and like those soldiers before me, and after me, I honor the constitution, the patriotic spirit and the morale dignity of humanity. But most importantly I raised my right hand and swore an "oath" to defend it. And now that I'm no longer in uniform, doesn't mean that oath isn't still there. Many men and women never got to take that uniform off, it was the last thing they were wearing. This isn't just an alienable right. It's a "sacred" one that has been paid for with many lives.

Don't confuse compassion and clarity. You can't truly have one without the other. turning a blind eye to something wrong, just so you can "buy" the friendship of another is one of the "weakest" acts a man can engage upon. I call that a politician, and we know where they all rank!

Morale clarity is a compass... And there is only "one" true North. And you can't talk to me about the "global" world unless you yourself have lived in it. I have. 4 continents and counting. I've witnessed the good, the evil, the free and oppressed.

I've seen socialistic countries and how they operate. And I'll tell you that every time I land back in America, I literally KISS the ground!! There is a REASON why we have so many immigrants wanting to come to America.... And don't believe the BS that its just the jobs!! it's that MAGICAL element that only exists HERE!! My son was stationed in Aviano, Italy and after 3 loooong years there, when he arrived in the United States, he got on his knees and he "kissed" the ground. A lot of Americans "feel" it when they've been away. And not one's who came here, got a citizenship and then left. You may be American by paper, but not by blood.

And the more FOREIGNERS we allow into our country, the more they don't assimilate, but begin to perverse our traditions and patriotic pride. Perverse our laws, disrupt our heritage and attempt to attack the very foundation of who we are. You can assimilate if you want to, but I will stay "American" thank you very much...

You see Eric, I'm not a follower.. I'm a leader..
Lars Hagen 3
My God what a bunch of horseshit!
Get real, and look around! I have also buried soldier friends. I have also lived in all continents exept Antartica, but never met any so lost in either PRC, Africa, America, Australia or Europe!
You remind me of those ludicrus commies I heard on the Moscow radio back in the sixties, when I also at the same time listened to Voice of America:'The United States Command in Saigon reported that 537 Ametican troops were killed in the fightings last week!' do you not think non Americans know what the cost of war is?
Your agressive attitude creates conflicts that does not behove officers snd gentlemen of a most challenged world!
We are all world citicens, and yes, you have a wonderful constitution, but that can not save a nation from stupid attitudes like yours!
Great nations are built by great men, and destroyed by guys like you!
Best rgds
- Lars
Oslo, Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow,Sydney,Singapore, London, Lagos, Windhoek, New York, Washington, Asmara, Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Verona, Rome, Selma AL, Merrit Island- Cape Kennedy, Shanghai, Bankok, Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurich.....a few places I have worked!
Chris Banzet 0
Lars - Thanks for "over-exaggerating" the amount of places you've lived. had you only listed a couple I might have bought into your BS.

secondly, I find it amusing that someone from "Russia" is going to "define" for me what "freedom" is. Or what a "great nation" looks like. No further comment is even necessary.
Chris,Lars is "very" important.
Chris Banzet 1
I guess that means he puts his pants on two legs at a time then... :)
First of all I am not a world citizen. I am a US citizen. I let the rest of the world do as they wish. They are welcome to follow their traditions no matter how disagreeable they are to us. That is what makes different cultures. That said, why does everybody gravitate to the US ? I don't know why they wish to leave utopia. When they come here to usurp our treasure but pay nothing I look at them as thieves. I don't care where you have been, where do you call home? Where is your alliegence. ?
Chris Banzet -1
I agree Wallace that other nations have the rights to carry out their practices and their traditions. However, it STOPS when it means the lives and persecution of the innocent! God/Allah/the One, whatever name you want to use.. Planted an innate trait in us all. It was the "knowing" that you do not treat others with evil intent. We all have a built in compass which is a gift from the all mighty. And everyone, everywhere, no matter what language you speak, knows that it is an absolute abomination to hurt women and children. And let's not forget us men and animals in that either. In general, treating all walks of life with respect.

Where the world draws CONFUSION is they misinterpret the words "let them live in their own peace" to mean "IGNORE" these atrocities. We "ALL" have a responsibility to guard against EVIL, no matter where it strikes...

then others get CONFUSED because they say, "by fighting them, you too become just as evil".. That is also FALSE!! As the Bible, and other great books so clearly say.. You fight "fire" with "fire"... The way is very clear, very obvious and that is we STOMP OUT or CRUSH evil.. Without any hesitation or withdrawal of might. To believe anything less, is pure stupidity and a failure at its lowest possible level.....
Eric Spittle 3
1) I don't want to "steal" anything from you. You're a crazy paranoid nutbag. You're, as I said, what is wrong with America. Every generation old people lament about how the world/nation isn't as they knew it and surely the end is nigh. Every generation thus far has been wrong.

If America is so great why is it that of all the first world countries we have the highest mortality rates? I can tell you why, it is because of nut bags like yourself that think denying their fellow citizens health care is reasonable. "But I work for my money," you will scream while being ignorant to the fact your taxes already cover people who don't work with Medicaid. You'll ignore the fact that I work my ass off, but have to make the choice of affording rent, electricity, and food for my family or buying health insurance; even though my tax dollars already pay for people who don't work's health insurance. It is also because of nutbag liberals who want to spend all day talking about guns rather than looking at the very real problems facing our nation today.

Until all of you various nut bags can all open your mind and stop throwing meaningless stones at each other it will always be this way. People spread hate because of political affiliations, and there is little in the world more trivial than that. I think your a driveling crazy old man not because of your political party but because of your opinions. Obviously I respect your right to have them, and give you more credence than I would most since you set aside your life to fight for mine, but I still disagree with you. The point is we need to stop defining ourselves by our differences and instead define ourselves by our similarities. We are both Americans, and we both love the great nation we live in.

Just one more thing: you're a huge idiot. Where did your family come to the US from? Ultimately even Native Americans came here from somewhere else. Think real careful about the next time you say FOREIGNERS. It is glaringly obvious you actually mean brown people, and the opinion of an ignorant racist is meaningless. Someone at some point allowed you or those you descend from into this country, you don't get to decide that others don't have the same rights and opportunities you do, the same as others don't get to decide we no longer need the second amendment.

What you are is a follower, you repeat the same tag lines as the other nut bags you follow. You define people based on political affiliation because you are unwilling and intellectually unable to see that there are different interpretations to everything and yours is but one of many. I don't even consider you a patriot, as you would deny basic human rights to keep meaningless things for yourself; those most certainly are not the morals this great nation was founded on. You keep living in this fantasy world where everything was perfect in the past and I'll keep up my fight to help the nation survive into the future. The good news is I have time on my side, you don't.
Mark Lansdell -3
I understand less and less. If there is another country that you admire more then why wouldn't you go there instead of calling the people who live here nut bags and bozos. You seem to have no problem stealing the health care and paid retirement from people who have donated to a system for over 50 or 60 years. I paid for my own health insurance for 40 years having had only one job that paid my health care. I didn't depend on anyone else to furnish my insurance. I bought it with after tax dollars. As for the rest your all over the place with you thread post and I have no desire to write 4 or 6 paragraphs. In short the nut bag is you. Why should I have to pay for your over priced health insurance or prepaid medical expense=s at the sacrifice of my own.
Eric Spittle 3
So I'm guessing that you do not drive on public roads? You don't have publicly funded water and sewer lines running to your home? You didn't use any of the education you received in the military again after, obviously, since other people worked hard for the money that paid that. I'm sure you also probably think your Social Security benefits should also go down so that I, who have also paid into the system my whole life, will have access too correct?

For someone who has clearly been alive for way too long you sure have the mentality of a greedy two year old. You're willing to let other people pay your way, but not willing to help others if you're able. You say you shouldn't have to pay my health care benefits and I think you owe every dime the government paid you back to the government, I didn't start whatever war you fought in so why am I paying for it? Why should any of my tax dollars be spent on the military, I work hard for my money they don't deserve it.

See how insane what you are arguing looks like from the other side?

Also, I didn't call the people that live here nut bags, I called you a nutbag. You and all your friends, and all your political cronies, are fucking insane and are driving this country into the ground.
Chris Banzet -1
@Eric - Eric I have the PERFECT way to show you the VALUE of the military who serves to "protect" you so that you can run your pathetic mouth like you do.... I want to pay for a plane ticket. Send you to the middle east, deep inside our enemy's lines. NO protection from a soldier, and no bail outs when you are captured. Then maybe after a couple very solid beat downs and right before they make you their next victim, you'll have a split second epiphany that just MAYBE the men and women who risked their lives for me to be free, deserves a little something back.....

Secondly, I read your statement above, and in there you are "criticizing" Mark about being selfish.. The truth is, your entire statement wreaks of ME, ME, ME!!! You're a little snot nosed punk whose real downfall was your father only used his belt to hold up his pants!!!

Last, you must be the dumbest rock on the planet. You make lab monkeys look brilliant! Let me just go through and kick over your stupid comments one at a time...

* Roads and public water - I PAY TAXES, and I pay a water bill EVERY MONTH!!
* Military personnel pay a MONTHLY fee for tuition called in general "The GI Bill" - And meanwhile, young PUNKS like you, and FOREIGNERS get that for "FREE"!!! so lay off military people!!
* "Pay for your health benefits"?? - Now who is being the lazy greedy jerk off?? I PAY for my insurance, PAY for yours!!
* "your tax dollars on the military?? You are such a SCHMUCK and your income is so low, you're actually getting back Earned Income Credit, so stop whining you sniveling little whimp!!
* Since you don't think the military is deserving, and they don't do "ANYTHING" then it sounds like the PERFECT place for you to spend the next 4 years... When you're done, write me back and tell me how that "NOTHING" experience went!!!!

You are what's wrong with America you little punk as female dog!! Now you brought out the Drill SGT in me, and there's nothing I'd LOVE better than to send you though my boot camp right now...

You ungrateful waste of condom filler.
The illegal immigrants especially have no interest in being American. They stole their way into the country so they can steal jobs,culture,social services, education, and anything else they can. They contribute nothing and in fact demonstrate distain for the US and its traditions and heritage. Our next fight sir may well be on home soil with no need for us to travel to another continent to serve.
Chris Banzet 3
Hi Wallace - I think there are two different types of illegal aliens that come across our borders. One, is exactly like you mentioned. In fact, I'd love to start at the top of California and Florida, and do a walk down...

But there is another group, which I don't blame with near the intensity. They're the ones who come here and work very very hard. They live with 30 other guys in a 1,200 sqr foot home and they do the shit jobs. And there is only one thing that makes them risk their life to cross a desert, and face the American law. And that's their family.. Who desperately needed to eat...

I'm a very honorable man, and if I were to put myself in that man's shoes, I too may be that illegal alien ensuring my children have food in their stomach...

so, I'm torn between humanity and compassion, versus the legal path to citizenship...

If you want my honest opinion, I would give those illegal immigrants immediate domicile in the US. And how I would offset their numbers is IMMEDIATELY kick out every foreigner in our jails, known to be a hater of the US and not LOVE this country, and the young college students who hates us, but are ripping us off on free college educations through our screwed up educational and legal system.

I don't have a problem with "prosperous" hard working men and women who's only crime is wanting to feed their family. But if you hate this nation, and I ever get the power to stamp your visa, you are OUTA HERE!! :)
You are a little more tolerant than I. There would be no shit jobs if they paid enough $. I have never bought that argument. So here we sit with millions on welfare and unemployment. Illegals are a contributor to this. I have the utmost respect for immigrants who embrace the US and accept it as the country of their allegiance. It makes me sick to drive thru neighborhoods and see foreign flags flying. But when I fly over this land and only see the beauty I feel blessed.
Chris Banzet -1
@Wallace, As a veteran and someone who comes from a long line of military including my 2 sons who are now serving, (one just returned from Afghanistan), I also get this deep anger in my chest when I see the flags flying for another country. And then I stop and remind myself that this is what freedom is. It is still hard to swallow because I am an American, but when I say that, I also have to accept other's ideology of freedom and not just my own...

I also think to myself, do they still have a right to be proud of their mother country? Even if they are now citizens of the US? And that answer is yes.

There are a LOT of people in the US who don't deserve the title and got it strictly by birth. They consistently challenge this country and try to make it a socialist society. If I had my way, I'd trade all of those in for some hard working foreigners that actually have HONOR!

As for the pay on shit jobs, I'd guess you'd have to own a business to understand. You can't just "pay" someone something. it's based upon what the going rate is, and how much you can bring in to your business. I'm not meaning that as an insult to your business knowledge. I was a general manager for years before opening my own business, and I learned one hell of a lot "after" thinking I knew it all "before".. ;)

So in theory it sounds great! Pay everyone a "worthy" salary and we're all happy.. I wish it were that 2D in reality, but its not...

Like you, I want you to "LOVE IT" or "LEAVE IT" when it comes to our country... Way too many young men and women have paid an ultimate sacrifice so you and I can enjoy these wonderful, wonderful freedoms...

but more and more these liberal school teachers, the media, Hollywood and the ilk like George Soros, are trying to CHANGE the very core of America... If I were to list my top priorities of things to take care of, the illegal aliens would be one of them, but they'd be divided in two categories. One at the TOP of the list, and the other near the bottom... In ranking of importance.. :)
Pay is market driven, just like most products. People first have to want the product then the price is driven by supply and demand. If the supply of tomatoes is short the price goes up. The cost of the labor to pick them would go up also if we didn't have imported or illegal cheap labor undercutting our work force. But hey, I have this idea that everybody should work, including people on welfare. As far as the cat raving about health care he is under the impression it is a "right". It is not. It is a commodity, bought and sold just like everything else.
I would rather pay $10 a pound for my tomatoes and have somebody working than send my money to the government to waste on failed social programs that are unaffordable and unsustainable in the long run.
BTW, I sold my business last year and retired. I have a "little" business sense.
Chris Banzet 0
@Wallace, Although I slightly disagree with your "commodities" approach, in general I am in agreement with your statement. The biggest problem we face is not inflation, or in some cases, sweat shops overseas, but instead the government's relief of "import tax" on places like China, etc. These are all pre-1960's tax breaks. If the government would stop squeezing it's own people, and instead start squeezing the one's offshore, we'd have plenty of money in the 'ol coffer to give Lazy Eric some free enemas at his local VA hospital once he gets out of boot camp. Maybe even enough to dislodge his Drill Instructor's boot!

Our biggest problem right now is the incredible "weight" we attempt to keep on manufacturing jobs with these over-fattened unions. People always think our country is so far away from repair, when in actuality it's one stroke of a pen away.....

If the president would allow manufacturing to exist in the US without heavy burdens, they'd come flying back tomorrow. Maybe not some of the less needed ones, but Detroit and Pittsburgh for steel, and other towns that literally died when the specific manufacturing specialty of the area vanished.

I don't think people realize just how much of a true impact Labor Unions have had on us. Did you know, manufacturing as a share of the economy has been continuously plummeting? In 1965, manufacturing accounted for 53 percent of the economy. By 1988 it only accounted for 39 percent, and in 2004, it accounted for just 9 percent. Today, it has steadied around 7%. But that still means that over 40% of "generated" income in America is now transferring to overseas bank accounts. Then you add in oil, and other commodities, and there is like a major hole in the bottom of a bucket, and we're all throwing dollars to try and fill the bottom of it.

How quickly could we return the economy? some business analysts predict that if the president would reverse taxes and union pressure on manufacturers, that within less than "5 years", we could have back over 30% of them!! Also, if he would then turn around and impose the proper "import" taxes on goods that compete against us, we would have about a 9 month stagnate market, with super high prices on a lot of popular commodities. BUT, after that 9 month gestation period, we'd have a "re-birth" of manufacturing that would drive this country's economy well into the next hundred years.

The revenues would allow us to re-open our space exploration, shore up our educational system and re-develop our infrastructure and that would put the rest of America back to work!! ALL, with the stroke of ONE pen!!
Unions are dwindling rapidly. There is certainly a place for them but their structure needs modernizing. Long story short, we(the government) are our own worst enemy. We need elected officials that put America first. The 545 in DC need changing ....often.
Chris Banzet 1
AMEN!! No disagreement here... Incumbents should be looking in the employment sections after 4 years!! This keeps special interest groups from having the time to deeply sank their claws into someone, and it keeps the "OLD" ideas from having seniority of the "NEW" ideas!!

And last, we have this new prejudice about making sure we have as many blacks, whites, Hispanics, etc.. I'd like to create a NEW category for us to also keep "balanced" - Only "X" amount of attorneys can be elected, then the rest have to be "house moms, carpenters, small business owners, factory worker, farmer, scientist, etc...

The number ONE profession in our political system today - LAWYERS!! No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket!! We have to FIRE LAWYERS from politics!!
Went for a short flight yesterday. All looks beautiful from the air no matter the turmoil. :-)
Mark Lansdell 0
I disagree that we are not the greatest nation on earth. Our constitution and codicil known as the bill of rights make it so. While other countries may enjoy some of the rights we have, none have them all or tho the extent that we are able to enjoy them.

I remember my schooling quite well and never heard that the USA won the world wars single handedly. I did hear that we out produced the world allowing the allies to prevail. As for telling someone who wants to change our basic system to go back where they came from, I'm inclined to forgive some of that. We have many emigrants who have severely criticized our freedoms in the last few years and are loud voices of criticism of our freedoms yet they have much less responsibility. As for the gun control issue we seem to agree.
Eric Spittle 3
Okay, that is fair. I guess what I should have said is that even though I love this country and love the foundation we were built on, we have a long way to go before we have time to sit back and celebrate how awesome we are.

I also concede that my response to you go back home statement did take it a bit out of context. I agree that if you come to this country and don't like this country you should just leave, but I don't define disagreeing with some of our policies as hating the country.

I guess my major gripe, the one major thing I feel this country lacks, is a true public health care system. I don't believe that having that makes us socialist, and the socialism part of your post is what initially prompted my post. I don't believe in the word socialism, especially since in America it almost invariably is used when talking about health care. I don't believe anyone who uses publicly funded roads, publicly funded airports, or publicly funded infrastructure like water, sewage, gas, and electric lines should be allowed to call a public health care system socialist. If you were referring to something else I apologize for my useless drivel.
Chris Banzet -1

You don't believe that makes us socialistic, becuase you have NO IDEA what the meaning of "socialism" is... Here you go dimwit!!

And if you want me to keep this to the crayon interpretation, it basically means a society where government does not control the people's "interests".. PERIOD!! Although this uses examples of "Land", there is a lot more to it than that....

Here are the beginning forms of Socialism taking form in America -

* Obamacare - controlling the resources for healthcare.
* Eminent Domain - no explanation necessary!
* United States Port Authority
* Permits to Protest
* God being denied in "public places"
* US Land being sold to foreign interests by government
* Toll Roads
* Streets, highways and buildings being named after government officials

And the list goes on.. But i am running out of time... You get the picture...

Basically America is living out the book "Animal House" and just as foolishly, they're being LURED right into the trap!! "WAKE UP AMERICA!!"
Eric Spittle 3
Oh, and just one more thing since you seem to like being pseudo-intellectual, we don't live in a democracy we live in a republic. People that don't even know our system of governance have very little breathing room whilst talking about constitutional law. :)
Eric Spittle 2
Here's a question: do you do anything just for fun or sport? Ever watch the Olympics? Do you think shooting for sport is just practice for violence? I don't own a gun for self defense (though it is a nice side effect if ever needed). I don't own a gun to protect the country from tyranny (I'm also, since this is made relevant by others, a democrat and pretty hard core liberal on most subjects). I don't own a gun even for shooting animals (waking up early and going out in the cold isn't my thing). I own a gun because shooting is an enjoyable sport I can enjoy with family and friends. It is a tradition as old as guns themselves, and I don't feel that should be taken away from innocent people because of the actions of a few crazies.

Guns don't turn me on, I get no power trip or fantasy from using one, and anyone that knows me could tell you I'm probably the least violent person they know.

So what is it about me is so wrong that I don't get to enjoy one if my hobbies, but you get to enjoy yours. There's a lot of people that fly here, did we tell them that they couldn't possess a potentially deadly aircraft after 9/11? No, because level headed people know that when bad people do bad things you can't blame the tool for what happened. The problem is a lot of people get convenience out of a plane so outlawing those is unthinkable, but since many people choose not to own a gun they could care less if it gets taken away from people that do own them. That isn't how laws are supposed to work.
Mark Lansdell 3
Then you should find enough people to call a Constitutional Convention, propose and move that the 2nd ammendment be struck then put it to the rest of the republic for a decision up or down. As of now I don't think you speak for the plurality of the American people never mind a majority of the same. Maybe you can arrange for the rest of you personal property to be confiscated along with my firearms. Perhaps the government should own all the housing and any rights to your labor. Or is it just my right to self defense you object to?
I suggest you are the delusional one in this argument. Why is it that you think we can't find illegal entrants to the country in order to send tham back home yet we can locate ALL of the millions of firearms to confiscate and leave not one for an armed robbery, burgelery or assault. Why should I trust the law enforcement community to stay on the streight and narrow particularly after reading an article like this one.
I suggest you thnk long and hard before you sacrifice your rights or the rights of someone else who may come to you rescue one day.
Chris Banzet 2
@Mark - I agree, only I wished it stopped there... But as we both know it goes one hell of a lot deeper than that.. Government taxes have become unconstitutional in the sense that we're all paying a double tax! And in most cases, more than that... We're taxed on it when it is first marked "income", then taxed again when we spend it, then taxed again when we die and it is transferred, and then taxed again when it is saved in the form of a purchased investment. And the last and final tax.. We're taxed to use roads and infrastructures that have "ALREADY" supposedly been paid for in things like "Gas Tax" and property tax!!!

This country has gone INSANE with taxes!!
You keep your faith in the government to protect you and I'll keep my assault rifles. Our neighbors to the south are not allowed firearms and its not working out so great. You have faith, I'll have bullets.
Mark Lansdell 1
Our neighbors are supplied by the Obama administration. He violated his own proposed law by supplying weapons to a known felon. To quote a half comedian"what a country."
We all know that if law abiding citizens give up their weapons then only the government and outlaws will have them. So far the outlaws are beating the government. We have spent billions on the border and haven't made a dent. Go government!!
tim mitchell 1
I am a Demorcrat....I see nothing wrong with owning guns and I believe that everyone is entitled to own as many as they want.....However what does anyone really need with an AR-15 or M-16?...Unless you leave out in the middle of Wyoming or rural Texas or someplace similar there is really no place safe enough to discharge one without building a huge dirt pile to capture the round....Again; I am all for guns but if you are really buying guns and stockpiling ammo you really fail to realize one important thing...The Government has and will always have more fire power.
Eric Spittle 1
This is a prime example of ignorance about guns, but willingness to express an opinion anyway. A rifle, other than setting an upper limit with bore size, doesn't have anything to do with the speed of or amount of damage done by a bullet. An AR-15 is just a dressed up version of a little .22 that is mostly a step up from a BB gun. The primary difference is the ability to withstand higher forces caused by heavier rounds. I can agree few have a use for Full Metal Jacket, Hollow Tips, etc have few uses to a law abiding citizen (other than fun).

I live in NY where they just passed the strictest gun laws in the nation. Do you know what an assault rifle is in NY now? A rifle with a folding stock, a rifle with a pistol grip, or a weapon with a flash suppressor. What about any of those things makes a gun more "deadly?" A folding stock makes it easier to transport, which when buying locking cases for gums so they can safely go from point A to B makes a big difference in price and availability. A pistol grip allows you to be more accurate whilst shooting, which can help to prevent accidents. A flash suppressor stops the muzzle flash from being blinding and/or disorienting while shooting, leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

You are free to believe as you want, but I just wanted to introduce some facts. Thank you for posting an opinion without being insulting or reactionary. I would shake your hand if I could.
tim mitchell 1
I actually learned some stuff; no harm done....I think/know most of the negativity surrounding this topic is based on emotions after these recent events and the medias portrayal of these weapons.
Well, smart people are always learning.
Tim, all big bore hunting rifles are much more powerful than an m16. M16 is not much more than a supped up 22. What it has is a little bullet, lots of powder, big magazine. Why most people have an assault rifle is for defense and they are fun to shoot. You have seen how quickly people get ballistic when the government don't take care of them(Katrina, Sandy). Looting starts almost immediately. The government, big as it is, is not a fix-all immediately. Most of the New Orleans cops left to protect their families. Who' s gonna protect YOU when something big happens in your neck of the woods?
Chris Banzet 1
There is a LOT more to it than Eric mentions. In fact, some of Eric's comments are actually not true...

there is a lot more to the AR-15 than just a "supped" up 22. In a standard round you're talking a larger round, about twice the gun powder and the barrel absolutely plays a role in the amount of distance and accuracy of the discharged bullet. Furthermore, in an M-16 or AR-15 the bullet is designed to tumble end over end instead of spiral. When a M-16 or AR-15 bullet hits you, if it lands slightly flat it rips one hack of a lot of meat, and then "climbs" through your body. Where as a 22 round just embeds.

Secondly the difference in impact makes the "spreading" of the .223 soft head copper round "flower" out more. The 22 if its spreads at all, it only slightly flattens a little before quickly becoming lodged and stopping.

The barrel theory is the longer the trapped gas can exert force, the faster and more accurate the round. That's why pistols have terrible accuracy unless you have a long barreled handgun. Of course the "load" or gun powder, how it's "loaded" all play a part in both accuracy, and power.

For example, as a child, my father owned a sporting goods store in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We used to take hunters that would travel to our city out on hunting drives.. I had a Winchester 220 with professional custom loads that I made myself.. The accuracy in which we loaded them was so good I could shoot a buck at 850 yards and be dead on each time.

The reason why is, the Winchester 220 swift, uses a small .223 caliber round but has a shell casing the size of a tank!! :) Actually its about the size of a 6MM cartridge. But when you pulled the trigger that bullet got there fast, and flat! There was little to no trajectory to the round...

But then there are other rifles like the Winchester Big Bore 94 rifle, also known as a .375. The joke behind this one was, don't worry if you miss the deer, he'll die of a heart attack! When you pull the trigger on a Big Bore 94, you best have the butt of the gun snugly secured on your shoulder and a good grip! The velocity, size of bullet and load of gun powder makes for one heck of a loud introduction that something is flying at you fast!!
That is exactly what I said, a supped up 22. Lots of hunting ammo is designed to cause maximum damage. In fact military ammo is by the Geneva convention designed not to inflict maximum damage. Of course putting rules on war is ludicrous.
Actually I'm seriously considering getting a Barrett. It's not one of those "dangerous" assault weapons. Lol
Brian Elling -2
You sir are not an informed person ( that's a very nice way for me to say what I want to ) We are a Republic not a democracy. Until you can admit to the fact that this republic is not mob rules I will consider you a uninformed useful idiot. A lemming if you will. Do you recognize this ?: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. With in the pledge of allegiance do you see ware it tells you we as a country are a democracy? Go back to school, you may want to start at the beginning to get the it correct. OOOOOhhhhh wait the progressives ( the communist party changed there name as to confuse people from the truth of what and who they were back in 1913) the communists control the schools now so you would just reenforce your idiocies. Well you cant win them all. I guess your gonna stay a dumb ass for life. And by the way why are you using the first amendment to bash the second amendment? you are a total hypocrite. Have Nice Day.
mrtrout 4
ENOUGH with this thread. This is a story about inept police work, not about the 2nd Ameendment. Let's get back to discussing issues that affect aviators.
Robert Hancock 0
Fiszer, for the time being, forget your anti-gun bias. Thank you.
Mike Barbato 16
Am I the only one whose noticing this repugnant police behavior is becoming the norm?
pnschi 9
No - lots of people have been experiencing this degradation in law enforcement behavior over the years. It's clearly gotten worse since 9/11, but Bush Sr. (whom I generally admire otherwise) gets a lot of the blame, too.

But now it's hitting closer to home for a lot of members here?
Pileits 4
I certainly have seen police becoming MORE hostile towards the public. If cops can't take the HEAT, get out of the kitchen.
Tim Smith 15
Suprised they didn't scramble some F-16's out of Shaw AFB too! Common sense is a lost art these days...
Brian Bishop 4
Or McEntire ANG base.
tim mitchell 4
oh they probably called and I would bet that the folks down at Shaw are still laughing their heads off.
Martin Weaver 12
You have to have police to have a police state. TSA and DHS fit the mentality. We're not in Mayberry anymore folks.
Pileits 0
TSA, DHS aren't those just agencies of the GHESTOPO
James Sandiford 11
We live in a police state, regardless if you want to believe it or not...
pnschi 11
"...the case would be dismissed if he agreed not to take any legal action against Darlington County law enforcement"

Why, why, why is this not treated like the felony it is? - Extortion.
Pileits 3
Or blackmail, also illegal!
Richard King 11
That glider would've made one hell of an explosion with all that gas on board.
MimosaDrive 11
I hope eagles and hawks are aware of those restrictions.
Ben Lillie 8
No, they don't need to worry. Wildlife have more rights than humans nowadays.
Thomas Lillis IV 10
This matter was dropped the minute Mr. Fleming agreed not to press charges against Darlington County law enforcement. Guarantee this will happen again. DHS will shuffle some papers; FAA will still say they have sole jurisdiction and some County Sheriff used to having his way will do something similar. Until someone in local law enforcement gets written up for misconduct (or, better yet, dismissed) then nothing will change because, from the police standpoint, nothing will need to change.
They (Darlington County law enforcement and others) KNEW they blew this one big time & he was in the for over 24 hours while they tried to figure out how yo get out of the mess they created. Pilot blow the WH no fly zone and get an interview upon landing.That's all.
George Gagnon 10
I find the "dismissal if you don't sue us" offensive. As a prosecuting attorney for 14 years, it is my duty not to pursue a prosecution if there is no evidence or even probable cause to do so. One must dismiss - period. Of course, I prosecute thieves and burglars,not glider pilots. Rules must be different there.
Brian Bishop 10
Obvious cowboy mentality of bored "local yokels" with no understanding of the jurisdictional priorities regarding aviation.
Ric Wernicke 9
Here is another story of "security" wagging the dog. What happened to this pilot is inexcusable, and the police bought their way out by threat of prosecution of a fabricated law. He might sue the utility and the security people that made the false report. At age 70 he might never see the inside of a civil court room against a utility. They have a way of stringing things along.

The police is composed of people who had to struggle to finish high school. In California they are forced to undertake 400 hours of training (I call it "Ten Weeks with the Circus.") Security guards don't need to finish high school, and consider an IQ of 90 a high bar.

Absent a clear and present danger the airport operator should have ordered the police off the airfield, and refused to allow use of the facilities without an order from the FAA or a judge. Chasing a plane down the runway with guns drawn is too dangerous. Other aircraft might be nearby, and I doubt one of these low information officers had any clue what the rules are inside the fence.

The officer that threatened to shoot down an aircraft must be charged with terrorism. There is no room in America for that.
Juliaan Edward 8
The officer that threatened to shoot down the glider ,is from the dangerous and trigger happy type.
Guy like that do not belonging in a law enforcement unit, they have mental problems,
he should be banned to carry a weapon of any kind "HE" is a risk to the public .
I don't want to meet that local nut officer when I was put aside for speeding five miles .
Karl Schneider, you are right !
This is what happens when backwater communities hire wannabe Gestapo pigfuckers losers as cops.
Mark Lansdell 3
There are stupid cops every where . Only this weekend a cop fired his gun in the air to get a crowd's attention. That put one in the hospital. A wise man once said stupid is as stupid does. :-)
Terence Rucker 7
Didn't our grandfathers fight a war so we wouldn't be treated like this? A 70 year old in a sailplane. Yes, I could see how that would be a threat to 'national security' I hate to say it, but I think the 'evil-doers' have won. They managed to get us to change the whole fabric of our society in the name of "safety." A trillion dollars later and I don't feel any safer, just more oppressed in the name of 'national security.' I want my country back.
Quick story. Friend of mine, who was a retired 747 capt. with Pan Am, was giving seaplane instruction on Kentucky and Barkley lakes in western Ky. He was in the canal between the two going back and forth under the bridge. The water patrol thought he was too close to them and wasn't allowed to go under the bridge on landing or take off. They came to his house really pissed off. He told them to leave, that they had no jurisdiction , and to take it up with the FAA. They did, he told the FAA he was doing glassy water landings. End of story. He was a FAR guru and knew his rights.
I began my flying career in SC and I am very familiar with the area. What the local sheriffs dept did was WRONG! That's why the Helo guys left. They knew it was going to get ugly and they did not want to testify against their brothers. He should have sued their ASS off! That way it would have never happened again. If you think it's fixed you are the only one fooled.
James Simms 6
Like the glider was going really hurt the nuke power plant any..not.
William Jensen 2
How would anyone know that who worked at the plant? Yes, the local constible over-reacted, but as someone who works at a nuclear power plant, I can tell you that since 9/11, we take any aircraft or boat approaching our plant seriously.

For all anyone at the plant knew, that glider could have had 100 lbs of C-4 in it. Sure, the containment dome would have been okay, but there are plenty of areas of a power plant (not just nuclear) that can be severly damaged by even a small aircraft strike, let alone if it had explosives on board.
Mark Lansdell 4
Then the power plant security officer, executive what ever yo want to call him, should petition to have the plant protected with restricted or prohibited area around it. If there is no restriction there is no law broken and the local LEOs have no cause to harass pilots boat captains or auto drivers, I don't care how nervous they or you get. The fact is the local LEOs in this case broke a gaggle of laws including coercing a man to sign away his right to punitive action. They were wrong, wrong wrong.
joel wiley 4
Thank you for the perspective from someone on the ground, so to speak. I learn a lot from the Squawk threads. This one has been quite interesting. My own take is the local constabulary overstepped its bounds (not uncommon in any locale). Thanks to all the commentator and kibitzers. Opinions on freedom, legal activity, and Homeland Security interactions omitted.

To update Mr. Orwell:
"Big Brother's low-bid subcontractor is watching you"
Mark Lansdell 2
@ joel:

The interesting thing about this site and lots of others is you never know who your reading from. It may be a supreme court justice or a stumble bum in a sober minute. There are a lot of big iron pilots on here and some corporate pros as well. Most have a point of view worth lisrtening to and add to the argument knowledge base.
Jeremy Kudlick 6
All the Barney Fifes who responded should have figured out that they couldn't really do anything when the crew of a nearby police helicopter arrived, said he didn't do anything wrong, and left. If police pilots say another pilot didn't do anything wrong, and the FAA says the pilot didn't do anything wrong, that should be a clue that he didn't do anything wrong.
Ken Hardy 6
There is a problem with a lot of local Sheriff's Deputys in all States who are poorly trained and have little knowledge of the written laws, they are given a badge and a gun and told to enforce the law without knowing the real law so they go off like Barney of Mayberry, not professional at all.
btweston 2
This is why lawyers exist.
Not really, it's a slim chance to win a case against the Lawman, and a lot of lawyers are in the same scum category...
wheelchock 5
The cops clearly had no jurisdiction regarding airspace over a nuke plant. That's under federal control. The only place the have jurisdiction is at the county airport - that's why they wanted him to go there. The mistake was being a good citizen and complying with their request. Shoulda said: "If you want to make a traffic stop, come up and pull me over."
Rules for a situation like this:
Tell them you are not getting out of the vehicle until a lawyer is present. Say repeatedly: I do not consent to a search of my vehicle or property, you have to have a warrant. If they ignore this it gives you ammo in a lawsuit. I hope the guy gets a good lawyer and sues. Any officer who has a record stating 'actions on duty resulted in a lawsuit against the department' is toast.
TKB47 4
What is worrisome about the prospect of this sort of thing never being corrected is that here, and on other sites where this story is discussed, many posters make comments about the pilots infraction, or about how the zone should be better communicated or marked, or how the police might have gone a bit overboard but they were just doing their job etc etc. It show that people have, without reading the story or without understanding it, just assumed that the police were right and the pilot wrong. That assumption covers up a lot of bad action by officialdom and removes pressure to correct the behavior.

Just to review: there was no prohibition on him flying there, no obligation for him to follow "orders" and land, no obligation for him to listen on the radio and get the "order", no rule violation, not even an itsy bitsy tiny one. He was a citizen 100% in the right minding his own business and the deputies 100% wrong. Not just wrong but stubborn about it and stupid stupid stupid. Too stupid to know that they might not know what they were doing and open their lard clogged brains and listen.

Got nothing to do with South Carolina (I used to live there). Stupid people live everywhere. Has nothing to do with education. I know plenty of people with little education but common sense enough to know when they are ignorant. Too many people involved to chalk it up to the slow wit being on duty that day. It can only be attributed to an agency with bad leadership and bullying mentalities inculcated from the top. I wouldn't drive through that county if I lived in South Carolina today and wouldn't land there if I were flying over it. We have parishes like that in Louisiana where the law is so thuggish, I drive around them.
thomjt77 4
Barney Fife strikes again.
dud1 4
My main concerns based on reading this article is the Darlington County Sheriff Department’s; The Incident report and Capt. Joyce C. Everett demanding no action be taken against his department if they were to drop the charges.

What was Capt. Everett & his department concerned about if they had not breached any laws? It is evident from the information provided that his department has exceeded their lawful authority;

1. What is his department trying to hide?
2. Have they done similar to other citizens with trumped-up charges?
3. What action is being taken by federal and other authorities to remedy these breaches of civil rights?
4. Are there any Civil Rights attorneys willing to take action against the Darlington County Sheriff Department’s and those officers involved?
5. Action is required to prevent this from occurring again and any further erosion of civil rights in the Darlington County Sheriff Department’s region.
6. Is it election time & he does not want his name associated with a scandal & legal action?
7. Capt. Joyce C. Everett need to be held accountable.
Mark Lansdell 2
Why do you look to the federal government to take care of a State problem. The Attorney General is much better equipped to handle it unless he/she refused
Fullagas 4
Just outrageous. The Barney Fife mentality, commandeering the airport, threatening a shoot-down? With one bullet ? Lol. What an idiot. Chasing the plane down the runway? Those yokels have been watching too much TV. They could easily have caused an accident. He should have sued their asses off, I agree.
lbjack 3
Incompetents and bullies. I understand Robin's desire to get the ordeal behind him, and I also understand his reluctance. They'd drop the charges if he didn't lodge a complaint about them? Adds insult to injury. I'd sue the hell out of those bastards, but I guess they aren't worth the trouble.
indy2001 3
While police do a good job most of the time, there are too many arrogant, self-important people who are attracted to the job. They would be called bullies in any other job. They seem to be especially prevalent among county sheriff forces, apparently because it is easy to be deputized with almost nothing in the way of training. Carrying a gun and ordering people around is what they live for.

At one time I was the athletic trainer for the local high school. Whenever we called for an ambulance to transport an athlete who was ill or injured, deputies seemed to appear from nowhere. Especially during football practice, that radio call always brought 10 or 15 of them, most of whom were off-duty. They would mill around, generally getting in the way and acting important. One time, one of them ordered me to stop treating an athlete's compound fracture until the EMTs arrived. When I ignored him, he threatened to arrest me. At that moment, an assistant coach pulled out his sheriff's badge (which I didn't know he had) and told the big mouth to shut up and go home.
Carl Iverson 3
Another example of "our government" at work .. are we screwed or what !!
Tobias Stoeber 3
What I find also very disturbing is, that the pilot finds himself stigmatized on websites like ( only for being arrested. No one, as yet no judge, had at that time decided, whether the charges brought against him, had any substance.

Even now, as the charges have been dismissed (and would never have standed a trail I think), his picture - and even more disturbing to me - all of his data are still on such sites available. And I suppose it is now HIS turn to inform any of such sites and get his data deleted (if this is possible at all in the first place).
NHRHS2010 3
As a student pilot, hearing the news about this crap just makes me want to vomit. What kind of of idiot cops would waste their time and money arresting innocent pilots making small hidden mistakes, instead of what they are really supposed to do (arresting true criminals)? I do respect cops, but not the ones who don't know how to do their jobs right. This incident involved not one, not two, but TWELVE police cars. I just want to move to my native South Korea...
Is South Korea any better? There are bad cops in every country, at least in the US you have a better chance of having your day in court!!!
NHRHS2010 3
I've never lived in South Korea but during my recent 7-week stay in Korea, I was very happy there. People actually know how to show respect and cops appear to be so much nicer. Getting reprimanded by a security guard in the US is a nightmare, they actually yell. In S.Korea, I have gotten "reprimanded" by a security guard for sleeping in the public bench but at least he was very nice. Good thing I am not in North Korea!
Ahh, I see...
Mark Lansdell 2
It's nice to have an experience to relate to. Think about this story every time you hear the phrase "Zero Tolerance".
Terence Rucker 2
Didn't our grandfathers fight a war so we wouldn't be treated like this? A 70 year old in a sailplane. Yes, I could see how that would be a threat to 'national security' I hate to say it, but I think the 'evil-doers' have won. They managed to get us to change the whole fabric of our society in the name of "safety." A trillion dollars later and I don't feel any safer, just more oppressed in the name of 'national security.' I want my country back.
Wolfgang Moser 2
If sectionals and notam do not show any restrictions - what kind of crazy people are responsible for decisions like this ? What is going up with the GA in the US ?

And by the way: A glider attack on a power plant ? That sounds like an accident report, when a bicycle has a collision with a truck on the highway - and (you guess right) the truck is destroyed.....

That is surprising and amazing for me....

Wolfgang Moser
Pilot in Germany
LarryQB 2
I wrote the sheriff of Darlington County, NC expressing the hope that subsequent to this event he's been able to instill a modicum of common sense in his deputies and other law enforcement personnel he works with
tim mitchell 2
wrong state
LarryQB 4
Whoops! You are right. Luckily I addressed the letter to SC
joel wiley 3
That won't change the response much.
pilot27usa 2
Se should had the local pd and county sued !
dmanuel 2
Do you think some of these knee-jerk actions could be reduced if those involved knew their name and authority would be published? As long as we know nothing more than the vague 'law enforcement' did this or that, those within it may continue to make unfounded assumptions while taking (illegal?) actions with little to no repercussions against them personally. Let's see some names so the public can grasp who is providing this quality ;-) law enforcement. Do you think it is possible the locals will implement punishment and corrective measures?
Blythe Dant 2
I too live near this area and have flown over the site in question multiple times. The bottom line is that the local police had absolutely no jurisdiction in this case, and the power plant security personnel need to be properly educated on the imaginary "No-fly zone" rules.
flyhigh2014 2
A sailplane, noisy! Really!
Brian Monroe 2
Sounds like someone needed to stick their head in a bucket of ice-water.
lbjack 2
Incompetent bullies, relieving their boredom with contrived drama, victimizing an innocent pilot and then blackmailing him with charges if he doesn't agree not to seek punishment they so richly deserve. That's what it boiled down to. I'm disappointed that Robin didn't file a complaint against these cowboy cops, though I can understand why a 70-year-old might not have the time and energy for a drawn-out case.

[This poster has been suspended.]

It isn't just backwater communities. I was raised in Chicago in the sixties and I can attest that it was infected with moron cops who were actually crooks. They would shake you down for a bribe. No cash, get a ticket. I would venture to say it has only gotten worse over the decades. The mentality prevails whether a redneck or a yankee crook.
tim mitchell 1
Hartsville is not like that at all.....I go through there quit a was just an over-reaction by people that didn't understand /know that he was getting little lift to maintain a decent altitutude....most people just look up and see a plane and make an assumption based on how low or high it is and the flight pattern....they saw him circling and he was near the plant.
Brian Bishop 2
Thanks,Tim. You're right, Hartsville is NOT some "backwater dixieland sewer" and neither is anyplace else in my home state of SC. Bigoted, ignorant people like to make blanket statements about which they have no clue.
Stop by Greenville sometime if your in the area. I'll buy.
jerry hamm 5
I have been to greenville,,,a really nice place. Greenville Downtown is a very community friendly airport..
tim mitchell 2
we are right across the line in Shelby
Brian Bishop 2
Cool. Gimme a yell sometime.
We know where most of the big sewers are located. The bigger the city/ county the bigger the sewer and the bigger the moron population.

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Eric Spittle 8
Guy says people where he lives aren't dipshits, proceeds to prove his point by acting like a dipshit. Well played you worthless dumbshit hick.
You have a point about the way he's proving his point, but aren't you doing the same thing by calling him a worthless dumbshit hick???
tim mitchell 3
leave it to THRUSTT to rekindle the
I'm a Rekindler

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joel wiley 3
Elegant, eloquent, intelligent dialogue is SO refreshing on this blog.
tim mitchell 2
"Over-reaction" but from what I hear the Law down there is pretty strict....I usually go through that area going to Florence (will be there the flight track depicted during the news feed was his true flight track it was just one huge misunderstanding with them trying to figure out why he was making so many circling turns all the while not knowing that he was just looking for an updraft to maintain altitude....I remember right after 9/11 whenever they posted those TFR's around many of the power plants around here but nobody really talks about them now....Also being at roughly 1500 msl doesn't really help your case as well unless you are talking to someone on the other end of the mic that can actually make sense or understand what you are trying to tell them.
Torsten Hoff 4
Strictly enforce the law if you wish, but don't make them up as you go along.
Dan Chiasson 1
These are from the same pack of people who stick their probing hands where they do not belong at airports. Mental midgets - sorry.
huascar tejeda 1
if not is prohibited flighting over, anything wrote then is possible, is allowed....
Very ominous story. The more I read it, the more it bothers me. I myself am not even a part of the aviation industry/community/sub-culture... other than my interest in flight simulation on my home PC... which is a limited connection at best.

What bothers me about this is that it sets a precedent that has far reaching implications that go well beyond just the aviation industry. I have respect for law enforcement in general, but stories such as these point out the 2%'ers who let power rush to their heads. They know nothing of aviation rules, the intelligence required to be a licensed pilot, etc. yet they *THINK* for those few short hours they are in control and smarter than everyone else involved. The fact that the man involved was not even allowed to call out to his friends to let him know that he was OK, and/or explain to the arresting officers what was going on from his rational, intelligent point of view, is a scary thing indeed.

I hope that in the future, we as a society can learn to temper that whole "perceived threat" mentality, and that 9/11 will not forever serve as an unbridled excuse to aggressively apply vague laws, and ask questions later.
Mark Wallace 1
Welcome to South Carolina. Local police departments there specialize in hiring officers of the species Neanderthal. It was the misfortune of a driver of a car in which I was a passenger to encounter one some years ago. We were lucky to escape with a traffic citation. For a minute there, I thought he was going to shoot the four of us and claim self-defense. Jackbooted thugs would be what I call them.
misterbs1 1
If the facts are as presented in this account, then it is clear that the involved so-called law enforcement officers are the ones who perpetrated the breach of the peace.

Of course there COULD be more to the story...something that MIGHT justify this kind of behavior. I'm just having trouble imagining what it would be.

I am a retired police sergeant, honorably discharged USAF vet, and single engine, fixed-wing pilot. As a sworn defender of our Constitution and recreational pilot, I find these kinds of events unacceptable.
jvanselmo 1
Blanket notams
Stingers now being issued to thwart those insidious gliders and Cessnas.
Who was the guy that wanted to commandeer the field and/or shoot down the glider? Sounds like Barney Fife!
William Sward 1
This is yet another case of "Big Brothre's" grab for our freedoms.....don't give them up!
Only in America!!!
Kelley Osborn 1
There is a similar NOTAM published in the NOTICES TO AIRMAN HANDBOOK in Section 3 for SPORTING EVENTS (FDC 9/5151). Be careful out there.
Kelley Osborn 1
This is PUBLISHED in the NOTICES TO AIRMAN HANDBOOK by the FAA and is the responsibility of every pilot to be aware of all NOTAMS for the flight! This airspace is not a secret!

Eric Spittle 2
Read the article. The FAA clarified that a glider circling for purposes of gaining lift is not considered loitering or circling for this restriction. It does not say you can't be there just that you should try to avoid them if possible. Gliders can't go wherever they want, they have to seek out lift.
Glen Coombe 1
Good news! I flew from KSMS to KHVS last week after this incident. Made right traffic putting myself between the Robinson Nuclear facility and the airport. My touch and go there did not bring local LEO's, FBI or Homeland Security out of the bushes.

The over reaction of the locals is par for the course and if you drive the area you should be very concerned with your speed on the ground....especially in Cheraw, SC.
tim mitchell 1
McBee too
Jim Collins 1
I can see a Mr Bean film in this one,
In an AOPA article the sheriff defended their actions. He also admitted they held him on a catch all charge because the FBI told them to hold him for questioning. He also said no deal was made about not taking any action against the dept.
Dale Woodruff 1
The Govt expects to know everthing even when the know nothing at all
J. de Visser 1
Patriots are not invented for nothing,even whit a nuc.load they have to use it at that time........................
Mark Lansdell 1
It's interesting that this is the first article in a while to command comments for the entire week after publication. Today, Friday and another issue of the news letter is due. What will we learn of this week that will create new editors, the grounded "Dream Liner"?
stratusbreeze 1
Don't understand why he would agree not to press charges.He did nothing wrong and the authorities can't prove anything beyond their own stupidity.
Mark Lansdell 1
He signed it in order to get out of jail. It was a condition of his release. However, I doubt it could be enforced as an illegal contract. A quick check with a local attorney would confirm that or not. Let's not forget his age, indifference and his socioeconomic position. (Effort--> Reward). 'He'd rather be soaring'
stratusbreeze 1
Don't understand why he would agree not to press charges.
He did nothing wrong and the authorities can't prove anything beyond their own stupidity.
WillisRF 1
It is Bubba-land South Carolina. What do you expect?
Jane Zlojutro 1
What a joke! I'm disappointed that he has to plea bargain his right to take action against Darlington County law enforcement. Where's the equity in that?
JJ Johnson 1
ACHTUNG! Your Papers Please! Another example of the rapidly expanding American Police State. It will continue until the citizens rise up and revolt against it.
Pilot Frank 1
So are gliders exempt from this?
Andrew Stagg 5
This NOTAM uses the word "SHOULD" not "SHALL" which is used to indicate it is a recommended practice, not required.
joel wiley 1
Good question. I think what is 'practicable' with a sailplane differs from that of a powered plane. (Climb and maintain 5000 on heading of .... comes to mind). This NOTAM uses 'advised' as opposed to 'shall'. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what, if any, thermals are generated by cooling towers?
Torsten Hoff 3
Probably yes, though I haven't tried it myself. I used to fly gliders and the sources of lift that are exploitable would surprise many non-glider pilots. What seems like turbulence during cruise in a 172 could be lift to a glider, including bright fields and even paved parking lots or building roofs which can radiate heat.
joel wiley 1
I don't fly, but in Calif I do watch the Turkey Vultures- an avian sailplane.
dud1 3
Hi! Joel! The answer is very probable. In my experience as a light aircraft pilot to have experience between 1,500 and 8,000 ft AGL turbulence etc from large metal building; Metal roofs (especially on finals) including farm sheds. I have also experienced mild bumps from turbulence's up to 3,000ft AGL whilst passing over sealed roads; highways etc. during summer.

Actually whilst doing SAR one time I hit very severe turbulence's at 5,000 AGL as I passed over a major metal roofed infrastructure with the temp over 100 deg F (45deg C).

On day where the temp is getting up into the 90+deg F (mid 30’sC) and above, whilst in circuit and on approach/finals it has gotten a bit bumpy, so I try to hang a little wide where legally possible.

I have also experienced windshear because of the up drafts generated by new metal roofed concrete building built at the end of the runways. The thermals stop, you drop. :)

I hope this helped Joel
Joseph Vazzo 0
If all goes according to his plans, President Obama will get a third term, yes, 4 more years after this term.
Unconstitutional you say? When the economy collapses, and the dollar becomes worthless, and total anarchy
reigns, and only gun owners will be safe from looters, Congress will vote to give him 4 more years "only until order is restored". Crazy? stick around friends, stick around.
matt jensen -3
Old story - all powerplants are in "no fly zones". There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old, bold pilots
joel wiley 5
Question: Who has declared all powerplants are 'no fly zones' and upon what authority? Several posters have noted that none showed on the charts, there were no TFRs for the area, FAA advised pilot the local SO did not have jurisdiction. Was this a ruling by the FISA court? Can you clarify?
tim mitchell 2
it's kind of one of those "you should know better" I said in an earlier post this was a hot item right after 9/11 but it has become one of those things that you would really not think of if it was not on your mind at the time...I remember during a flight lesson back in 2002 that whenever we got about 5 miles away from McGuire in SC my instructor told me to turn to a different heading to avoid the power plant and he told me not to fly to close to them (power plants)....In my opinion this is just a situation that has just mushroomed into something that it should not have...The reason they detained him was because they thought they had something and they may would have had something if he would have been in a motor powered plane. The reason why everything fell apart was because someone with some commonsense, other than the pilot, probably explained to them why he just couldn't turn around and exit the area.
Mark Lansdell 2
Tim, we live in a land of laws and specific rules not assumptions or common sense rules. Common sense to you is not necessarily common sense to me. Unless there is an FAR or other Federal or state law, a NOTAM or TFR I see no reason why an aircraft can't fly over the dome of a nuc. plant as long as the pilot maintains a legal altitude which are enumerated in the FARs. I've never had a cause to do it so it's like asking if I smoke after sex. I never chacked
tim mitchell 1
One could almost argue the fact that he was at or almost below the minimum vertical seperation to the ground too but I don't know what what the minimums for gliders are...You are right though it all depends on how something is perceived and interpreted.....I think the WHOLE thing stems down to the fact that he was flying a circular flight track while trying to gain altitude....they saw it as him loitering while he was only utilizing an updraft that he had found like many birds do.
Mark Lansdell 2
No, they were flexing their non existant and illegal law enforcement muscles. I had a run in with the security at a nuc. plant at Calvert Cliffs on the Chesapeake Bay while fishing off the shore. I learned a lot about my rights and responsibilities from that. Some of these almost cops are dangerous or they think they are. But that day Red Drum and Black Sea Bass took prescident over the power plant security's wishes
Eric Spittle -4
I'll bet if you take a few minutes to read the article rather than skimming it and asking others to do your reading for you you'll be able to find your answer. No stupid questions, just stupid people.
FedExCargoPilot -7
I feel both sides did what they needed to do, the police needed to question the pilot and the pilot landed s he needed. The government was wrong in not labeling the plant. Who would know not being familiar with the area, even though he was. All I can say is that I hope his cellmates didn't give him crap being an innocent 70 year old aviator.
linbb 5
They had no right to do what they did as there were no regs coveing that making it a no fly zone. Also the cops over reacted to it like a bunch of yokles would. He did what he was told thinking that after expaining they were wrong and he was right. For that he got thrown in Jail? No give me a break it was wrong on there part from the start the guys at the Reactor didnt do there job properly, repeatedly calling the airport about low flying planes???
Mark Heilpern 3
Doing what one "feels they need to do" is not always the same thing as doing what one "needs to do" -- such as when a police officer grossly oversteps his jurisdiction, and when a district attorney realizes the quagmire he's been thrown in and extorts his way out of it with the threat of prosecution.
tim mitchell -1
you can tell a what a nuclear power plant is from the's usually domes and quit a bit of
Eric Spittle -7
Further demonstrating my point, mister internet bad guy you going to make sure I don't come home alive either because of my opinion. I'm so scared, mister internet tough guy threatened me like the redneck uneducated inbred fat fuck that he is. Go back to your sister fucking and let the intelligent people have the internet back.
Who are you replying to???

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zennermd 26
no restrictions, no notam... no problem. I don't believe he should have to contact anyone. It was clear airspace, and unless they report a no fly zone I believe we still have the freedom to fly where we want, when we want and at what ever altitude we want. He did absolutely nothing wrong.
tedtimmons 28
1. This aircraft wasn't required to have a radio.
2. There is no requirement for him to be listening on that frequency.
3. He did not violate any CFRs.
4. Local law enforcement has no right or jurisdiction in this case.

I don't understand why the pilot complied with their unjustified request to land.
I also don't understand why the pilot agreed not to take any legal action against Darlington County law enforcement. Sounds to me like Darlington County law enforcement is in dire need of basic law enforcement education.
linbb 7
The threat of going forward against the County or walking away seems like typical cop intimadaion which I have seen first hand when I was a tow truck driver and had to deal with some of the SOBs. Not all are like that but enough to make you think twice when stopped or talked to, yes I have been threatened by cops one a sargent. To also lie about what was said is another thing there should be some kind of a hearing about what went on.

[This poster has been suspended.]

tim mitchell 4
I usually keep my hands where they can see them and tell them everything I am about to do....If at night I turn on all of the courtesy lights.
tim mitchell 2
and no it is not a good feeling looking at the business end of their gun; I've been there too.
pnschi 5
Let me translate for you - "The cops are the Authority, and Authority can't be wrong."
dud1 3
I hope this is a tongue in cheek comment ""The cops are the Authority, and Authority can't be wrong." and not a true belief.

I know some COPS think this way, but they are Law Enforcement not Law Makers.
tim mitchell 3
at the end of the day who has the gun and which one is the judge most likely to believe....dash cam footage and evidence come in handy until it mysteriously disappears....just saying
linbb 3
Oh yeah and look how that turned out see it been there had it happen to me. Not fun to talk your way out of. Saw a police beat down years ago on a side steet in Seattle not good and yes it was just a beat down with two of them beating on a guy with there clubs. Scary
mrtrout 0
Who's the Deputy Sheriff in that hamlet? Barney Fife?! "Lemme have my bullet, Andy!"
Keith Fox 0
wow that's complete shit. That story is wack
Leo Cachat 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Private pilot nearly shot down in

Private pilot nearly shot down near South Carolina nuclear power plant.


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