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'The Tutankhamun dig of aviation': Brits to begin digging up missing Spitfires buried in Burmese jungle

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Archaeologists and aviation enthusiasts searching for buried Spitfires in Burma say "it's just a matter of time" until they uncover the aeroplanes.. ( Mais...

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joel wiley 1
I am as interested in this story as anyone. Now that the permissions have been obtained, can we pause squawks until the first shovel-full of dirt is turned over?
James Vance 1
Here's another angle from the Telegraph, and one can bet all of the UK media will follow this story closely day-by-day:
Jose Guillen 1
Nice!!! I can't wait to see what condition these Spits are in. It'd be amazing if they just need minimum maintenance and can be quickly assembled, evaluated, flight tested, and performing at air shows within the year! I've never seen a Spit up close except for one at display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago which was shot down during the Battle of Britain amd then used as a trainer for.the rest of the war. It'd be nice if someone local bought at least one!
Robert Gomez 0
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Myanmar Spitfire planes

The hunt for the buried Spitfires begins. A search team led by a British aviation enthusiast arrived in Myanmar on Sunday to begin a dig they hope will unearth dozens of rare British Spitfire fighter planes said to have been buried in the Southeast Asian country at the end of World War II.
Ian Smith 0
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Spitfires found underground

What a great find if all goes well ........The possibilities are ere endless


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