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Navy moves ahead to replace presidential helicopters

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(Reuters) - The U.S. Navy is moving forward with a long-delayed effort to replace the aging fleet of Marine One helicopters that transport the U.S. president, with the first of the new aircraft slated to enter service in 2020. ( Mais...

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preacher1 3
Well, one of the biggest problems seems to be letting Lockheed in there at all. They are not helicopter people. The only thing that actually brings a glimmer of hope is that it is not a cost + proposal. Defense contractors may not know how to act with that.
charles lucke 2
how about using the washington monument and a parachute?
Joseph Howes 2
i still think the black hawk is beast
tim mitchell 1
No Bob; never ever post anything concerning the government....oh well here come the rants and
tim mitchell 1
chinook and osprey.... no
shawn white 1
So, wait. It takes a billion dollars to buy a helicopter for the president? Get five apache attack helicopters for the security against all the supposed terrorists and spend one tenth of the cost!


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