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How to Build a Power Line Across Unforgiving Terrain

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San Diego Gas and Electric's massive Sunrise Powerlink project is a 117-mile, 500-kilovolt transmission powerline construction project that will link San Diego to renewable energy sources in southeastern California. Helicopters have played a critical role in construction efforts, with the 40 helicopters on contract logging a collective 16,000 flight hours since operations commenced in late 2010. ( Mais...

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Peter Douglas 7
To me it's a scary job to be one of the riggers, and I thought the skill of the pilots was awesome.
Brian Hankey 5
That was an impressive video. Thanks for sharing!
ToddBaldwin3 4
That was way cool!
krahmerica 2
I knew all those hours flying my Mattel VertiBird would come in handy someday.
Kevin Haiduk 2
That is cool! My stomach was kind of queezy watching.
QuickBurn 2
I have pics on this site of N312KA & N675TH. Nice to see them in action in this video.
eccsandiego 1
Just saw this and am darn grateful to be living in San Diego, after 20 years in Paris (France not Texas or Kentucky) where nuclear power was and still is the big thing!
Lee Allen 1
Wow! Too Cool. They have it all figured out. Thanks.
David Onodera 1
Very cool. Looks like a well-paying job for the fly guys!
s. j. drake 1
Watching the pilots and linemen reminded me of a ballet. Every move coordinated and with.meaning. No wasted energy or tie. Beautiful to watch.
HBFlyer 1
Impressive work. Great video.


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