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United Airlines 757 Evacuated at Sea-Tac Due to Fire

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A United Airlines plane had to be evacuated Saturday night at Seattle-Tacoma Airport when a small fire broke out on the aircraft. United Flight 776, a Boeing 757, was set to takeoff for Washington Dulles International Airport at 10:30 PM. The Port of Seattle Fire Department responded to the report of a fire at 10:27 PM. All the passengers were evacuated safely and there were no reported injuries. A preliminary investigation indicated that the fire might be traceable to residual oil in the… ( Mais...

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tim mitchell 4
well the good thing is they weren't airborne yet
gary stevens 2
Old UA planes are in terrible shape. F seats are nasty. Planes feature IFE from the dark ages, no power ports, and under seat electronics, which rob legroom.The merger has really brought Continental down, as it has been overwhelmed by far inferior UA. Where's Gordon when they need him?
Richard Garber 1
Gordon? Here he is:

Scott Campbell 2
Yep - they need some planes , Hurry Boeing! Fire Sale on Old 57's from United get em while there hot........
Fletcher Reister 2
...while they're hot.... literally
sparkie624 1
Those birds are getting aged quick.... They say "Might Be Traceable" This is a little vague... May have been coming from the APU. For one, it was probably not fire, but smoke. No that does not mean fire. Most probably cause would be a Dirty Sock in the Col-ester bad allowing oil into the cabin... This is probably just more of an inconvenience than a real problem. This is a common problem for all pressurized jet a/c.
Ev Butler 1
And this is news? Real news must be hard to come by. A smoking APU is not news.
Lockheed Tristar 1
United 757's are never in good shape. The last couple times i flew my flight was always delayed because of a problem with their 757.


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