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Niki Lauda takes delivery of Bombardier jet with Vision Flight Deck

With his new, gleaming, grey-and-off-white Global 5000 jet in the background, Niki Lauda kidded his hosts that he was happy to take delivery – but what was the holdup for five years? The aircraft, a $49-million machine the three-time Formula One race-car champ can well afford after selling not one but two airlines he started, is the first to feature Bombardier Inc.’s Vision Flight Deck. ( More...

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Ben Orlowski 1
He made money selling an Airline?!?
Tom Kearney 0
'The Rat' is getting... fat. lol!
Roland Dent 1
Hahah yes...too many take away Pizzas. The new woman he has obviously cannot cook like Mariella could. C'est la Vie.
ibpilot72 0
Well isn't he special???
Toby Sharp 1
Rich and Able is more like it


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