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United And Continental Merge Computer Systems Without Major Problems

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Last night United Airlines made the switch to Continental's "Shares" computer system throughout their entire network without any major disruptions, this also included United's regional partners like SkyWest who were still using the United system. ( Mais...

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Richard Garber 2
This article reads like a United press release, right down to the verbiage about the history of the airline and the fleet size of the "new United." A "reporting-free" piece by the Florida News Journal.

For a reality check, view the airline's Facebook page for comments from actual customers.
Dennis Mahle 1
Yeah, United is getting some very favorable press and appears to have a good misinformation machine:

Based on "With most of the pre-merger United's Saturday flight schedule now in the books, the numbers are simply atrocious: just 46 percent on-time for departures and 56 percent on-time for arrivals.

The numbers are even worse for Chicago/O'Hare and Washington/Dulles, two of the pre-merger United's main hubs.

At Dulles, it was 29 percent on-time departures and 45 percent on-time arrivals. One reader reports his 64-minute Dulles to Greensboro flight Saturdaay afternoon was delayed by 227 minutes due to "late arriving" aircraft. Before he was able to board his flight, he passed a customer-service station at Dulles with "about 200 folks in a queue."

At O'Hare, just 26 percent of flights departed on-time on Saturday and just 44 percent arrived on time.

The only thing performing more poorly than United in Chicago on Day One of its supposedly four-times-rehearsed transition to Continental's computers was the Chicago Tribune. In two different stories on Saturday, its reporter swallowed the "everything's just fine" lie being fed to it by a United Airlines spokesman."
Dennis Mahle 1
I was lucky to make it home. It seems as if this article is inaccurate or spoke too soon. It was a huge mess with check-in taking over an hour after having to call and repair my itinerary last night which was mangled presumably when it was imported to the CO system. Both my flights were over an hour late and there were widespread delays.
Petice Tambeaux 1
We were the first commercial passengers to experience the changeover at LIH, not smooth, not time-friendly, but not a total disaster. Bags were comped b/c glitch wouldn't allow payment by credit card. It will be a long day or two here.
Chris Shumeyko 1
We were the first flight out of Allentown (ABE) this morning and it was mass confusion. It took 4 agents to check us in, 2 with manuals and a few phone calls to HQ to get it all straightened out. Speaking with passengers in O'hare said check-in there was quite crazy. Anyone that checked in last night had to re-check in this morning, as the online boarding passes did not provide sequence numbers used with the new system. All-in-all, everyone was pretty cooperative and nothing got out of hand in terms of rudeness or lack of customer service.
Howard Richman 0
Saturday flight on new united from RDU to EWR smooth as silk. Way to go
John Hale 0
From what I heared about 87% of the flight left within 15min of there schedule on sat and was over 90% on sunday. yes there were glitches but it has been better everyday. You do have to expect some delays when changing systems and they told everyone that a week ahead of time.


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