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JOHN RICH Booted From Southwest Plane -- Allegedly Too Hammered to Fly

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Country singer John Rich was 86'd from a Southwest airplane yesterday ... after crew members determined he was too inebriated to make the trip from Vegas to Nashville ... TMZ has learned. Sources on the flight tell us ... the "Big & Rich" singer appeared drunk as he was boarding the flight, which was scheduled to depart at 10:50 AM. Hey, it's Vegas . . . ( Mais...

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"Hey, it's Vegas" "Hey, it's SWA"
...why exactly does John Rich (or any of these celebs really) NEED to fly Southwest?! Are they pinching pennies all of the sudden??
Chris Bryant 0
I don't consider flying WN "pinching pennies." They're just as expensive (in most cases) as any other airline.
Donald Rand 0
good for WN
dax9876 0
"...why exactly does John Rich (or any of these celebs really) NEED to fly Southwest?! Are they pinching pennies all of the sudden??"

Maybe because SWA is the only airline that flies direct to BNA from LAS? And maybe it only takes a drunk fool to realize that if you make a connection, you are twice as likely not to make it home?
How does a drunk get that far. If cupcakes are a threat then a drunk is a serious threat. Good for SWA! Apart from the security issues how about the poor slug who ends up sitting next to him?
Shadowstarz 0
Who cares if he flies SWA?! I'd be excited to sit next to a big country singer!
Is he fat?
John DuPont 0
People of fame fly commercial all the time. However just because they have that fame does not entitle them to behave as they please. WN policy likely states (as do all commercial carriers) if the customer "appears to be intoxicated" it is within the carriers right per contract of carriage to remove said customer. Now...hey its Vegas? Sure some people will have a few b4 they board the flight home. But if he was stumbling slurring drunk? Then off he goes.


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