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Southwest Launch Customer for the Boeing 737 MAX

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Southwest Airlines is placing an order for 208 Boeing 737s with a value of nearly $19 billion. The Dallas airline, which operates an all-Boeing fleet, said Tuesday it placed a firm order for 150 of the 737 Max, a new version of Boeing's most popular plane with more fuel-efficient engines. Southwest also ordered 58 next-generation 737s. Because discounts are common, Southwest won't pay the whole $19 billion. Southwest Airlines Co. has bought more 737s than any other airline. Boeing says… ( Mais...

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Pity that in the interests of Southwest's commonality of fleet concerns the whole B737 community Probably won't be getting a modern cockpit once again. The "NG" I fly uses 1950s designs for the B707. It's embarrassing. Please someone tell me I am wrong about this!
madtrader 0
please edit the title: costumer -> customer. :)
Todd Marks 0
That threw me off for a minute...
Devin Battley 0
Funny, because it is a costly decision.
Brad Littlejohn 0
This makes you wonder.. They are either going to dump or mothball the rest of their -300s to make room, or increase service somewhere. But what does this also mean for the order for the -700s that they converted to the -800s?

Oh.. and buh-bye B717.
Rico Sciaky 0
Coming soon:

Miss those wide-body flights to Hawaii. The DC-10's, 747's. Those were great times. Now, ick.
jim garrity 0
Rico, you can fly SAN-HNL on HAL's B-763 daily!
Pretty soon to be A332
QuickBurn 0
And Alaska is now running SAN-HNL on the B738... Not a widebody, but still some competition.
southwest125 0
Sorry about the spelling error. :(
phil gibson 0
Southwest is the best.....a very well run Airline! It will eventually be a very major player in air travel. They buy "American", thank goodness!
Dan Ciavardini 0
Well, makes sense. SWA always been a 737 client, with the aquisition of Airtran they dump the 717's , upgrade the older less efficient 300's and add new life to the fleet.
Rick Hundley 0
Thank You Southwest for your loyalty. Will always fly your airline. Now could you start to fly into FAT, that would we great.
Brian Bough 0
I'm not a fan of Southwest. I like their use of the 737, but I really like the philosophy of "buy a seat, get a seat." As long as they use unassigned seating, I will fly elsewhere.
And another thing: their prices are horrific. I no longer classify them as a "budget airline." There is literally no place that I fly that SWA has anything approaching the best fares.
As for their 717s -- I hope Delta will pick them up. There are no planes I love to fly on more than that AirTran 717 (MD-95) and Delta's MD-90s. It was a real shame to see Midwest's fleet (literally) go south. They have lots of power and a smooth ride. Maybe it was a bigger shame that McDonnell-Douglas went away...
Paul Schiesser 0
SWA is the best airline in the world for flight segments of 2 hours and less, they fall off on long routes with no onboard entertainment and the cattle car esperience wears thin. Maybe with there new MAX planes they will start to increase passenger amenities like seat back personal video, it is almost 2012 airlines have to do more then just offer a sit and stare service.
Brian Bough 0
SWA is far from the worst. I also agree with everything you just wrote, except that there are several occasions where I fly SWA for >2 hours because they have direct flights where other carriers do not (these are rare occasions). In-flight wi-fi and entertainment would be welcome, but I'd settle for being able to choose a seat without hearing a whip cracking ;^D
preacher1 0
Is the $10 EARLY BIRD booking just to get to the head of the line or does that get you an assigned seat? Whichever, you can't argue with sucess and they have been sucessful on the short stuff. If they start the longer stuff or the International, they WILL have to change there business model. If that happens look for a one size fits all approach to it and standardization as they do now.
Brad Littlejohn 0
Early Bird gets you slotted somewhere in the A1 - A15 or A30 part of the boarding group. In short, you are the first set right after preboard. I'm not worried about that now, since my SO always has her guide dog with us when we fly, so we're always preboarding.

As far as IFE goes, they are adding WiFi fleetwide, so that will start to come in as they phase out the -300s. So SWA will have the -700s, -800s, and MAX all WiFi equipped.
preacher1 0
They'll all fly for awhile but after a bit you'll have to explain to the younger generation what a 717 or MD was
Brian Bough 0
I heard rumors that Delta had considered doing a swap-out with AirTran of 717s for 737s to make the transition easier for SWA and for Delta (shedding the DC-9s). But I don't think that ever worked-out.
The most disappointing part of what "capitalism" has become in the US is the notion of "buying-out" your competitor. That's what happened with McDonnell-Douglas (Boeing) and Midwest (Frontier-Republic) both. Business is business, but it used to mean competition. Now people go into business with the goal of getting bought-out. There is no capitalism there, just greed.
preacher1 0
That all started in the early 80's with the junk bond craze. There were many corporations with companies that lived off each other, made plenty of money and had people working. They got bought for nothing(junk bonds) and sold off for real $ or closed down and somebody was given a big tax write off for a company that had been paying taxes. It never revereted back to what made America strong.
J J Johnston 0
I wouldn't mind seeing a purchase order that size come accross my desk. Just how bad is our economy?
Jerry Shinar 0
Will these 208 737MAXs be 700s or 8oos? My guess is 700s with advanced engines.
Jerry Shinar 0
So, will these 208 737MAXs be 700s or 800s? My guess is 700s with advanced engines.
Phil Toback 0
I wish they'd fly out of Atlantic city with those NEW jets. I hate going to Philly to fly !!
pete weston 0
one of the few very well run airlines in the world and guess what they make money
How about a Shorts Sunderland or a Ford Tri-Motor? That would put some adventure and fun back in flying. Maybe for short hops? Maybe a few P-40's or P-51's? How about a FLEET of DC-3's They could flap their wings all the way to HNL.

I know Southwest will one day fly into Hawaii. There presents here will be such a welcomed sight. I can't wait for the day I see there 737 800 MAX approch 8L for a landing that will be welcomed by many island residents.
Pity that in the interests of Southwest's commonality of fleet concerns the whole B737 community won't be getting a modern cockpit once again. The "NG" I fly uses 1950s designs for the B707. It's embarrassing.
Brian Bishop 0
Boy! This is a surprise......NOT.
preacher1 0
I'm like you. Regardless of the talk, did anybody think Kelley would buy anything but Boeing. That may have really got them off the fence though. I know the AA deal gave them a shock but I imagine he really got their attention.
jim garrity 0
Jeffrey, I hope not,we only HAL's 763 and BA's 772 that fly pax in/out of SAN! The BOXCARS fly everything here!!And I'm a big Boeing fan,since I used to fly the 72's!
wx1996 0
Video showing the 737 MAX in Southwest Livery
Brian Bishop 0
SWA would be getting rid of the 717's regardless. They've always preferred a single type. They have no reason to fly them anyway.
Paul Schiesser 0
SWA was the luanch customer for the NG too, maybe Boeing should change the name of the plane to the SW37
Ela não cansa de 737, experimentas outros, parece a GOL do Brasil.


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