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Wait, the top three Google executives have HOW MANY JETS?!

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Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt have eight jets between the three of them, reports Mercury News. ...a company called H211 owns and operates the Google jets. ( Mais...

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Daniel Baker 0
That's a lot of aircraft, but certainly the use is much more broad than use three people.
linbb 0
Get over it crybaby
Kawaiipoint2 0
I love how just cause people are jealous, they have to write an article to make these people look bad.
Stephen Brown 0
Great response!!
Michael Yockey 0
I hate stories written like this. Villianize the report's subject(s) by portraying them as the "have(s)" and the reader as the "have not", point out that the subject(s) want to do something really good for the local economy, then insult them again.

Bottom line: The people who are outraged by this article are a subset of those who would be significantly happier if their lives included 2.6 jets of their own.

What rubbish.
Babs Newton 0
Well said.
Brian Bishop 0
That was my primary point in Squawking the article. I say good for them! Buy a few more to keep the folks in Savannah working!
Ben Lillie 0
And also, they work for that kind of money. They don't just sit around rolling in the dough.
Robert Curley 0
...and at the same time they are flying around in their 2.6 jets per man, they are telling the rest of the country to be green and not to waste natural resources. It's a little bit hypocritical if you ask me.
linbb 0
And you are so green in every thing that you do? Go away POS
Toby Sharp 0
funny that jacks one pic is of an 74......pretty much the worst "green" machine out there
Stephen Brown 0
Do you drive a car????

Have you ever been on an airplane????
Stephen Brown 0
I think you're a bit hypocritical.
JD345 0
Hey, at least it leaves three open seats on a light rail train somewhere...
Toby Sharp 0
...they are probably doing way more good than those jets are ruining the world.....
Stephen Brown 0
Dan Chiasson 0
It's called free enterprise folks - admittedly a shining example with the Google upper echelon - but if a society adopts a system each individual must be prepared to see others excel within that system to a point greater than that achieved by the masses. The byline on this article is meant to stimulate readership - rather transparent and hokey.
Robert Gomez 0
The bright side.... when they don't want it we got it for cheap! I still keep the faith.
vanbess 0
Obama and his Dem buddies hate that private aviation creates jobs - they want Pilot's, mechanics, flight crews and everyone supporting the aircraft to be unemployed.
Cannikin 0
To what end?
Mike Barbato 0
More people to enroll in liberal socialism programs.
Duramus 0
Not sure if sarcasm or insanity. This goes to vanbess as well. Why is everyone in aviation so disgustingly conservative?
Babs Newton 0
Brian Bishop 0
Because we're smarter, that's why.
Stephen Brown 0
vanbess 0
Because we understand that when you do something there is an EFFECT on the everything else that supports it. Okay they have 8 aircraft this means there are going to be groups that handle scheduling, maintance, flight crews and service staff, then you have the other items such as hangar rent, database subscriptions, weather subscriptions, consumables for the flights, parts and all the way down to the entry level position pumping fuel in these planes. Then you have the issue of those who built the plane without a demand for aircraft then you close down manufacturing.

Another thing that is affected Duramus is that your pilots for those airlines may get their first time building opportunity flying corporate jets to get the experience they need to fly commercial so if they villify corporate aviation then you might also gut a source for airlines to recruit their pilots from. You might want to look at what private aviation does for the economy as a whole before you drink the dem kool-aid.

What we should be doing is moving towards more private aviation
Ben Lillie 0
Duramus 0
Okay so where does the Obama bash fit in to all of this? what legislation has he passed that has negatively affected private or general aviation?

I am a huge fan of private, corporate, and general aviation, but as a 20 year old with a couple hundred hours and a Commercial Single/Multi and Instrument ticket the private jet jobs are kind of a far off fantasy. I can almost guarantee you I'd have a much easier time getting into the right seat in an ExpressJet ERJ than in a Flight Options Citation X or the like.
vanbess 0
How about everytime he has made comments about company executives and private aviation. These types of articles have only grown since his buddies in the press first started going after executives for these tools. By his villifying corporate and private aviation in the first stages of his last term he has caused a major slow down in private aviation and driven a once growing market into the proverbial tiolet. At the present time we should be booming with private aviation given people wanting to avoid the fools (TSA) in the commercial airports strip searching passengers. Yet if a company like Google has 8 planes you get a propaganda hit piece like this article
Cannikin 0
"More people to enroll in liberal socialism programs."???? What would that be exactly? Make sure you wear your tin foil hat in the cockpit. I hear moonbeams effect you more at high altitude.
ncpilot 0
That would be food stamps, unemployment compensation, etc. Nobody wears "tin foil hats" anywhere in aviation you arrogant liberal. We leave them for you so you can connect with people like "moonbeam" Jerry Brown, Mr. Green Algore, and "botox" Pelosi.
Wayne Fox 0
so you would rather like to live as a rich person in a poor country than to feed the poor and help the unemployed recoup the money they have already paid into UE insurance? That just makes you you an unexceptional conservative. By the way, ever read the bible? Like the book of Matthew?
Bob Allan 0
Do you have any idea how ignorant you sound by saying "Obama and his Dem buddies hate that private aviation creats jobs"? Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to private individuals or stockholder owned corporations owning a jet fleet. But the Detroit automakers look pretty insensitive to public opinion when they used their private jets to fly to Washington to answer congressional questions about how they were spending their "bail-out" money.
Babs Newton 0
What does Obama and Democrats have to do with Google exec planes?
Emet Hill 0
dont see why its a problem if they have 50 jets to themselves. They work hard, they play hard
canuck44 0
H211 is privately held by these executives and not by Google itself from the filings. On of the Aircraft is clearly a toy, it being a Dornier Alpha-Jet, tail No. N165XA. They also have a 757 and a 767 along with two Gulfstream V. Eric Schmidt, the CEO is an avid pilot according to reports.

The lease is online and they are paying about $1.3 Million a year to use the place and doing the leasehold improvements.

Undoubtedly H211 acts as the single leasing agent for Google.

Personally, I would rather see them spending their money on this, hiring quality people to run it than have all the various legal parasites filing class action suits claiming to represent shareholders while in essence just lining their own pockets shaking down businesses.

Maybe once the socialists are out of office Google will back off the Green scam, but it probably keeps them from being shaken down by the various government agencies.
Tom Kearney 0
LOL! Last line spot on.
JD345 0
Pah. If I had that money, I would have more jets, and bigger jets.
pilot0987 0
Who cares about what people spend there own money on. More planes=equal more pilot jobs! How is that not being fare?
Kingair31 0
Thanks Jeff! More pilots, more training, more hangars, more maintenance!
Scott Campbell 0
linbb 0
Ger over it Baker just because you dont have them so what how many cars or pickups do you have? You are a POS get over it and move on go out with those people who are doing there thing in tents that dont like others who do well.
Brian Bishop 0
Boyd, who are you talking to? You make no sense at all, and you are rude.
Bcap 0
No kidding...Boyd must be having a bad day...
jhakunti 0
I'm glad they have a lot of jets. I hope to one day have a lot of jets. The more private jets that are flying the better the economy is. If you hate seeing private jets, you hate america, and I mean that! We invented planes, therefore everyone should have as many as they can afford. If that is 50, how dare the man who cannot afford 1 condemn him. If you know what life is worth, you'll get yours on earth. --Bob Marley. Don't sit back and wait for heaven and then expect everyone else to live miserably as you.
Pierre Letourneau 0
They should give one to Research in Motion, so they can use it to carry some of their funny executives. They would not have to disturb passengers when going to China for example.
Marcus Pradel 0
they made the money, paid the taxes, spent it on toys that create jobs.

what's the complaint?
Wingscrubber 0
I wholeheartedly support the use of corporate jets big and small by anybody who can afford to operate them - flying them creates JOBS, including mine!
Wingscrubber 0
Here is my fantasy Bizjet fleet: A Citation X, Piaggio P1XX, Citation Mustang, Global 5000 and a Morane Saulnier Parisjet.
Wingscrubber 0
Correction, Piaggio P180. P1XX is stillborn...
Brian Bishop 0
Trade you the Global for a GVI!
Bcap 0
Hey, the more jets, the better. Keeps GA going.
Ronald Padgett 0
Congrats to the owners of Google for being able to buy (and maintain) them! I'm pretty sure they get used. An aircraft sitting in a hanger isn't likely to be turning a profit for anyone. Like my brother's truck... If the wheels ain't turning the money's not coming.
Gene Nowak 0
I must agree with you Ronald. All that capital sitting on the ground and depreciating is something the stockholders may want to consider, especially since they do not return any profits to the shareholders in the form of dividends.
Brian Bishop 0
But it's THEIR capital, not Google shareholder's.
Gene Nowak 0
Is it? Where do you think the initial capital came from when they took their stock public? If Google is willing to buy all their stock back at today's prices, then I will agree, the remainder is their capital. All they have to do is buy 323,900,000 shares at approximately $618 per share. You do the math and tell me if they still have money left in their pockets.
Cal Keegan 0
It's not the number of planes they have that bothers me, it's the government-insider deal to bootstrap the field for their personal use after previous attempts (by those less connected?) had been blocked.
dmanuel 0
The Mercury's report tries to raise indignation, but to ensure the widest impact they threw on the 'environmental' issue. What is the newspaper's environmental impact of printing (paper and ink) and distribution? This is a non- event story with what appears to be a skewed perception of what is newsworthy.
phil gibson 0
Ladies and gentleman..........think about provides jobs. And further more, if I had that kind of fortune...I would have 10 Aircraft, warbirds and all. What is wrong with goodness!!
larry clement 0
Just think of all the people they employ to operate and maintain their jets. they are doing their part to lower unemployment. Think of all the people employed to build the planes.
Joel Markwell 0
So what, we're not supposed to talk about how many Google jets there are because someone might get jealous? It's a publicly-traded company!

I didn't see anything in the article that said anything about "haves" or "have-nots". It was a pretty straightforward article about Google's business-jet holdings and an ongoing discussion between the Save Hangar One Committee" and the company that runs Google's jets.

I used to work for LearJet in the 70's and back then companies and CEOs couldn't _wait_ to tell you how many jets they had. Now, apparently, with pay disparity so glaring they're heading the other way. No one is supposed to _know_. Looks to me like there are crybabies on _both_ sides!

American companies and the stock exchange work best when there is complete transparency. If I'm investing my kids future college money in Google I want to KNOW how extravagant they are with company money and whether they are promoting themselves as a "green" company, but behind the scenes burning fossil fuels up in the stratosphere like drunken sailors.
Cheryl Giacalone 0
Yeah Larry, Sergey, and Eric! More power to you! That's awesome!!
Just wish you would bring them here to get worked on! LOL
Sid von Rospeunt 0
Good for them! they employ flight crews and maintance crews - thats private jobs - that's why we are a great Country!
Richard Finck 0
Luckiest people on the planet.
Pat Reed 0
Hey If I own stock in Google I sure as hell do not want my proffit watered down so a couple of execs can fly around in a fleet of jets. I want my company putting those dollars back into the company or to the shareholders, who are owners of the company. Play big shot on their own dime.
Ed Tuohy 0
Sounds good to me altho 1 more would make it even
robertmackenzie 0
There are a number of things that are factually wrong with this article.
As has been stated, the 3 execs don’t own the aircraft, the company, Google owns the aircraft. Google is a publicly traded corporation. Many such companies own similar numbers of aircraft and have large flight departments.
For a firm with the revenue that Google brings in this is not such as big fleet.
I checked on JetNet and only found 6 aircraft listed:
• BOEING 767-200 1987 23896 N2767
• CITATION ULTRA 1995 560-0337 N108LJ
• GULFSTREAM G-550 2007 5157 N785QS
• GULFSTREAM G-550 2007 5160 N813QS
• GULFSTREAM G-V 2000 V-626 N846QM
• LEARJET 36A 1978 36A-040 N82GG
Where are the other two? I also know that they operate 3 King Air 200s, all from the late 70s; perhaps the author of the article can’t tell a older turbo-prop from a “evil corporate jet”.
With the exception of the two G-550s all these aircraft were bought used. (I like the ‘QS’ registrations; nothing like hiding in plain sight)
They had a B757 was bought at fire sale prices from Paul Allen but I think it is gone now. Trump bought the other one.
So they own some jets. So what?
100% of my clients come from the "1%" I keep hearing about. I want them to keep buying aircraft, fuel, parts and keep pilots, mechanics, FBO ladies, ramp-rats and everybody else in this business working.
Thomas Baird 0
QS stands for Quarter Share...leased through EJM
Kingair31 0
A "QS" doesn't necessarily mean they are leased through EJM. EJM is the a/c management faction of NET JETS. A multitude of different options exist through NET JETS including everything from "fractional ownership" to charter through Marquis Jet.
Gary Paquette 0
Very cool - i am jealous!!!
SAS has a more impressive 737-bbj, and a few citations. I'd much rather have the bbj that the OLD 737-2
Thomas Baird 0
And look how many jobs that flight department makes between pilots, flight attendents, dispatchers and of course the most important maintenance.
Paul Hohman 0
I think it is great. The are supporting JOBS, Puchrasing aircraft that makes JOBS, and I suspect they are doing it without Government support, (Tax Dollars) More power to them.
orlando zambrano 0
Good for them!!! I'd have one for every day of the week! If you got it, FLAUNT IT!
Mark DeFilippis 0
I love this site. I am so happy my friend Barry directed me to it
skylab72 0
The REAL story here is that Page, Brin, and Schmidt are offering to save an historic handmark!!! FOR ZERO outlay of public money! They try to be generous and this is the thanks they get? The Hanger in question is the famous Hanger One at Moffett. Anyway, I think Google needs more jets, maybe to improve Google Earth Map resolution...
Josee Marie Plant 0
Good for them! If I could afford it I'd have a jet myself.
Donald Brockhaus 0
If I had the money, I'd have a jet for every day of the week, if I wished. In this case, I'm sure that different sized aircraft are appropriate according to the number of people traveling, size of the destination airport, weather, and other factors. And who wouldn't want to avoid security scans and all the other pleasures that come with commercial air travel?
Babs Newton 0
It is really not offensive that Google owns jets for it's executives. It is, however, frustrating to see haters on this forum dragging people and issues in to the conversation that don't belong.
Donald Kryder 0
For those of you that are uninformed, corporate jets are used by a lot of people from senior management to sales people to honor flights. It is rare one person will take a jet for pure pleasure as shareholders don't like that kind of waste. Consider this. A businessman has three appointments in various cities that will result in large amounts of sales, thus profits. On an airline it would take a week to make these calls where on a private jet it would take one day. Take this example and multiply it by hundreds of trips a day by hundreds of sales and corporate people and you have vastly enhanced production of products. This translates into millions of jobs as this happens all across the country on a daily basis.

Class envy is generally caused by a lack of understanding of the situation and our President loves to stoke the fire while using many more millions running around the country in Air Force One. (his personal corporate jet) producing nothing in tangible assets.
Donald Kryder 0
The companies that own these aircraft own them at a very high cost. FAA regulations that cover maintenance are extremely tight and demanding and the people that do the work to keep in compliance are very well paid.

The vast majority of these aircraft are not playthings as they must generate a return on investment and to do that they are used by many people from corporate heads of business to sales people calling on accounts across the country. Take this example: A person makes three high impact calls in three far flung cities in a day producing a large volume of sales of a product. This flows back to a sales department which goes to production and on to distribution, etc. That same sales person or corporate head uses the airlines but takes a week to do the same job produces six or seven times less sales thus slowing down the whole sequence of events as well as the total amount of products produced which in turn results in fewer people working. Take this times hundreds of business trips daily and the accumulated effect is millions of jobs. Sure some people have personal aircraft (jets and piston) but the vast majority are used for business and trade worldwide.

Now take a president who loves to stoke the fire concerning corporate aircraft and loves the resulting class envy that results while flying in his own corporate jet (Air Force One) at taxpayers expense which produces no tangible assets other than politics and you have the reason for misunderstanding and the class envy being felt today.

This same story could have been written with a positive note but that of course would not have been as good as bashing.
Babs Newton 0
Whatever, Donald. It's your truth. Hating is hating.
Tomoch 0
that's not fair! they should be buying jets for all of us! Come on Obama, spread the wealth!!
Ray Toews 0
The difference between a socialist and a capitalist is,
The socialist thinks there is only so much money and if a rich person has too much they have taken from the poor and so should have to give back.
The capitalist knows there is a limitless supply of wealth and your affluence is based on your productivity, we can all be fabulously wealthy if we increase all our wealth every day.
Thought they had or leased more.What the heck, they have the money.
Jim Primo 0
Hey, you haven't heard the rest of the story. . . . . Page and Brin have eight sports cars between them and Schmidt has four luxury cars, well over 1 mill in value.
So let's see, oh yeah Page also has three homes, two time shares, jewelry up the wazoo and don't forget those lavish vacations at Cozumel and Spain, twice a year.
While you journalists are at it, why not mention how much money their kids blow on computers, weekly.

By having eight(8) jets, ...hole, they are supporting at least 32 people between them. I know, you forgot to say that.



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