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Air Canada 767 diverted in lightening storm after flames seen coming from engine

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Flight 860, bound for London, England, couldn't return to Halifax Stanfield International Airport. "There was a loud bang and flames came out of an engine". She said about 10 minutes later, the captain announced they were diverting to Montreal. Passengers were told the plane was not hit by lightning, she said. ( Mais...

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Julius Thompson 0
I don't think hail would damage an engine, engines are engineered to withstand very tough flight conditions!
Frank Kaiser 0
A "lightening" storm??
Ryan Costello 0
haha yeah...I probably shouldn't have fired my editor yesterday...
dba74m -1
One of the commenters mentions hail as a possible reason for the engine failure. Glad everything turned out o.k.
dba74m -1
Hail that is large enough can and has caused engine failure though very rare. Most famous accident is Southern DC-9 many decades ago.
Louis Romestant -1
Another boost for "privatizing" maintenence crews.
Derek Farr -1
You must mean "lightning" storm.
allench1 -1
Good thing it was a Boeing instead of an Airbus.....
Jeff Lawson 0
Flight log for the [ diverted ACA860]
Root User -1
I don't know about Air Canada customers... after hearing the trip would be twice as long on one engine, the lady in 42L said, "if we lose the other engine we'll be up here all day"! ba-dum-cha


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