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Video: Heavy traffic at KBOS condensed to three minutes

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Great HD video showing arrivals and departures from KBOS ( Mais...

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Dallas Mullen 1
Very cool!
tom duff 0
Wow that's really busy wonder what time of day that was.
Toby Sharp 0
like a bunch of busy mice suckin on helium is what ATC would have sounded like HA!
Toby Sharp 0
like a bunch of busy mice suckin on helium is what ATC would have sounded like HA! a whole bunch of blah blah clear for take off, blah blah line up and wait, blah blah clear for take off.
Mark Krawiec 0
I like how when the planes depart, the water drifts through the air from the engines!
larrybueno 0
And more hiliarious if the ATC is the famous John (lol)
Duke Lubick 0
Nothing quite like a day at the General!
Chris M. 0
Nice to see my video made it to the squawks section! LMAO at the ATC comments. I really should of added that; perhaps on my next elapsed time video ;).
Chris M. 0
Tome duff, I shot this between 5 and 6pm.
Chris M. 0
Tom*, my apologizes on spelling error.
amado leon 0
that how hard ,this guys work you have to love it.
Bill Bishop 0
WHAT flight delays ?
arrdr1 0
Seems a waste of time and effort! What am I missing?
David Allen 0
Absolutely brilliant. Well done that man. Watching the aircraft scurry around in that manner almost makes them seem human.
Pete Schecter 0
nice time lapse! i waved, did you see me?
N. C. 0
that's some wicked aviation choreography, well produced!
Bob Hickey 0
Great quality. Thanks for sharing.
209flyboy 0
Are you sure this was a time lapse? It looks like normal spacing to me. (Just kidding) Good job!
Michael Fuquay 0
I can't imagine how hiliarious it would've sounded to have the ATC included. HAHA
Barbouch Bradein 0
Je sais pas à quoi sert ce site, et pourquoi je suis inscrit là...
Quelqu'un qui parle français peut-il m'expliquer ?
Dallas Mullen 0
Awesome job!!
Ant Miraa 0
where was this video taken. I mean what part of the airport. I am curious of what that runway was in the foreground.
George Edwards 0
Excellent job Chris.
Christopher Rea 0
that is a great video.. but it would have been boring to sit there for hours apon hours.. but GREAT video!
Chris McD 0
Hardly boring if your addicted to aviation!
Chris M. 0
Thank you all for your comments! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!!

Ok I lied, this video really isn't elapsed time. This is Logan operating on a normal basis. They just operate more quickly than others. ;)
firesafety552 0
great job, enjoyed the tape.
209flyboy 0
Chris, I have operated out of Boston more times than I would like to remember. There are times when normal departures look just like your time lapse video (damn the wake turbulance). ORD is another venue you can do this kind of video. It will make your head spin.
Ralph Wigzell 0
Great video.
Chris Adams 0
awesome vid! Well done!
delphiniumeve 0
That is cool. Depending on what day this was, I think I may have been on the USAir flight at 40 seconds in on the video that comes in and flips around at the end of the runway. I recently flew out of Logan on a flight that was behind schedule. They let us 'cut' in line by using that maneuver. We bypassed 5 other jets waiting for takeoff. Then I got to CLT and got a weather delay. Yeah, not a fun day...instead of getting home at midnight, it was after 3 am. At least I got home...and tomorrow I am headed out to BDL.

Thanks for the hard work on that vid and the Massive Attack soundtrack.

Robert Lewis 0
The high "G" loading would be so great that one could not get their drinks to their mouths; or get it out of their mouths as the case may be...
Where in the hell was the camera located? You must have been on a dock or in a building with a heck of a zoom on that camera!
Chris M. 0

It was very windy that day. Fortunately I found my self a large rock with some engraving where I could sort of take shelter behind it, bringing the camera just above the rock. Its about 700 yards from where I was to the foot of the runway, not far at all.
amado leon 0
and they say they are at sleep.
Chris Pedersen 0
great job putting this together
kyle dunst 0
what kind of camera did you use?


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