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Senator that landed on closed runway doesn't even say he screwed up.

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Description of the landing and report from the FAA. A lesson on how famous and important people can get away with just about anything. ( Mais...

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Toby Sharp 0
This is because he is a politician, and he's been getting away with S@#t like this for quite some time. let him go stand in a runway with a shovel and ill hop over him in my airplane and see if he doesn't piss himself.
James Maugham 0
But, but, but he's a Senator and is above the law of mere mortals like us.
Toby Sharp 0
I bet if I landed on him in a twin I could make even a Senator fill his pants
He probably thought that big X was a vote on a ballot. Must remember that these members of "Royalty" are above the law unlike the poor slugs who put them there.
Jim Jeffries 0
I thought I read that he even had the balls to reprimand the construction workers for being there... Did anyone else read that??
mark tufts 0
what an asshole of a politation landing on a closed airstrip
i am wondering if he was under the influance of model airplane glue
KauaiGolfer 0
This idiot could've easily killed somebody doing that. He should have his ticket pulled.
StClaire Williams 0
WOW...........and still keep his license!!!!!
kevin swiss 0
Lessons learned from this... avoid flying with Senators!
John Andre 0
And 76 years old to boot...someone should clip that old buzzard's wings.
jim williams 0
We would have paid dearly for this mistake.
Toby Sharp 0
I like how he thinks he didn't do anything wrong but agreed to some remedial training anyhow. 76 as well. Does his twin have a walker modification with tennis balls on the nose?
Patrick McGuire 0
Ah, you children making fun of the old guy. You probably would have wiped everyone out. You guys are really cool.

That said, the Senator part is foolishness. I have no idea whether his "remedial training" is standard for such as this or not. If not it's a travesty.

Anyway, maybe some day you pups will be flying at 76. Or maybe not, consider the alternative.

Endeavor to persevere.
KauaiGolfer 0
If you're going to continue flying at age 76, you should have another, preferably younger, pilot in the right seat to keep you from doing stupid things, like landing on a closed runway.
Clam Shell 0
If I landed my plane like that, I'd be in deep trouble and probably wouldn't be allowed to fly again. This "senator" is an arse.
Frank Ch. Eigler 0
Where did the title of this squawk come from, as in "didn't even say he screwed up"? How would you know that?
Eric Graham 0
Well, hasnt the venerable Senator ever heard of NOTAMS. They would have alerted him of the closure before he departed. But then, he probably doesnt need to get a briefing like the rest of us. The FAR's specifically state that a PIC is responsible to have ALL RELAVENT information in his preflight before departing. Anyone who doesnt do this is breaking and FAR. This gives the FAA a way of putting blame on the pilot any times something like this happens. Well, then again, he is a SENATOR!


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