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Qantas Airways will fly the world’s longest flight from Sydney to London in 2025

There appears to be a new contender for the world’s longest flight. Qantas Airways will fly from Sydney to London starting in 2025, a total of 10,576 miles or about 20 hours in the air. ( More...

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Greg S 2
I'd love to see the route it will take.

godutch 2
Well, it's gotta circle around Russia/Ukraine for sure...
bentwing60 1
I suspect the routes will be based on ETOPS requirements, (the ever extending durations of which are scary), as well as politics.
Don Kazias 1
20hrs is way too long in economy. What are the seating arrangements?
Dustin Kempf 3
There better not be any economy seats on that flight:)


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