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Seat-blocking couple spark annoyance

A couple has divided the internet after a video showed them blocking seats on a Southwest Airlines flight while searching for the “right person” to take the seat next to them. ( More...

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websanity 18
Ban them. There are enough selfish people in the world, we have to chip away at this self-entitlement epidemic.
Chris Maguire 17
Southwest - ban them - and make a BIG thing of doing it - - a warning to other self-entitled prats
Mike Mohle 9
People do this all the time on SWA. Probably trying to avoid a giant person (the one that usually gets on the last and gets the last middle, right next to me!).
Ken Roocroft 2
At least you can let your squashed face look out the window.🤪
Mike Mohle 1
Bends up my glasses :(
Gary Sanson 5
When I fly I choose the seat I want when I do my booking and doing that no one can stop me sitting in it
Racists! Call them out for what they are.
robin p 1
Why is this even being reported?
What a waste of bandwidth.
Adigun Samuel 1
When the couple happen upon their 'ideal' seat companion, Wendy beckons him to sit down and moves over to be back next to her husband


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