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Hawaiian Operates First Mother/Daughter Pilot Duo With All Female Crew

On August 31, 2022, Captain Kamelia Zarka got the opportunity to fly alongside First Officer and daughter Maria Zarka, making history for Hawaiian Airlines. ( More...

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Bayouflier 1
Are you a competent crew? Yes. Then fly the jet and STFU.

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Brian McCarty -8
A good summary of the problem:
linbb 5
Your comments area bout as stupid as they come your comment is so far off baise as father son and such have been done many times over the years. Very poor form dont know who you thing you are anyway.
Phillip Day 4
If they are professional pilots (which I am sure they are), and CRM is taught and trained for like I know that Hawaiian does, I'm sure this daughter has no problem telling her mom when something is not right. Go fly your keyboard somewhere else.


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