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Delta first A321Neo delivery

Yesterday evening, March 23rd, 2022, Delta Air lines took delivery of its first Airbus A321Neo, more specify the A321-271NX model. N501DA, which will be ship number 5001 in the Delta fleet, departed Airbus’s facility in Hamburg, Germany, XFW as flight DAL9936 around 4pm local time. 5001 would then make a scheduled stop at Bangor Maine just after 6pm after a 7 hour and 25 minute flight. The aircraft would then depart after being on the ground for an hour and a half and fly its second and final… ( More...

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jbermo 1
Please pardon my ignorance, but what is so special about an Airbus Neo?
linbb -9
Read first then post was done way before you posted on here.
Mike T 8
Well if you get all the info you wanted from a article that was posted before the plane was even delivered then don't watch mine. Simple as that...
victorbravo77 2
Great video and update! Thanks for the good post.

And Pratt & Whitneys, no less. Who would've thought lol? Where is GE/CFM?
Mike T 3
Thanks, Delta TechOps has an agreement with PW to overhaul their own as well as other airlines PW1000 series engines in house at their MRO facility in ATL.
djames225 4
Have seen you comment in many squawks and although some are ok, why do you have to become an idiot Mr. Hyde in sooo many others??


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