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Allegiant Defends New Boeing 737 MAX Order

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Allegiant Travel Co on Thursday tried to ease concerns among investors that a plan to add 50 new Boeing Co 737 MAX planes to its fleet of used Airbus jets would drive up operating costs. ( Mais...

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djames225 5
Obviously they did not pay attention to the what's and the why's of Southwest in its keeping the fleet all 1 manufacture.
ADXbear 3
They should have kept their 757s.. got more. I'm not a fan of this company mgmt, having sold all my stock I once own while living in Las Vegas.. they treat their people like crap.
patrick baker 0
whats to defend? THe company is interested in Boeing using its technical skills and management techniques to keep costs and results at a lower level. The company is in some small way showing interest in , gasp, passenger comfort !!!. I don't like this company very much, but I like them slightly more with this very smart move. Plus, Boeing can deliver faster than Airbus.


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