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United Airlines to resume hard liquor sales Monday

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United Airlines on Monday will expand its in-flight beverage menu to include hard liquor on select flights The expansion will be available on flights of at least 301 miles. ( Mais...

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Mike Mohle 9
What could go wrong?
David Isaacs 6
That should help improve the problems with unruly customers!!
dnorthern 3
Alcohol is not the problem. If it were, there would have been issues pre pandemic.

The issue is behavior based
Greg S 2
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and ... Whiskey!
its not so much the alcohol (although some people do get "rowdy" with a few drinks),but the fact people are taking out their serious frustrations about their lives,work, health and just about everything else that has been compounded by covid,on customer service people,the easiest being airline personnel..we can only hope the airlines will restrict or limit each passenger to only one alcoholic beverage, whether first class or coach as a starter..
GolfrGuy7 1
Many of the LCCs never stopped selling alcohol. It isn't the issue.
ADXbear 0
Great... expect hard attitudes from your drunk and disorderly passengers.. frankly, if someone can't stay off the hard stuff for a 2 to 5 hour flight, then you guys at the airlines have no business contributing to there possible DUI injuries after your flight...

I'm waiting for the first " overserved" lawsuit.. just stupid for a few dollars... congrats I won't book on UAL again.
David Isaacs -1
Alcohol may not be the problem but it is the "enabler". You don't want your pilot to be under the influence because it affects judgment. There are many reasons why passengers are unruly but alcohol removes their better judgment and turns them loose. Would you feel comfortable if you were an Uber driver with a passenger in the back seat that is under the influence? Passengers who can't be on a plane for several hours without a drink need to find other means of travel or find a way to deal with the addiction.
dnorthern 1
Your comparisons are apples and cow Pattie’s

Riddle this. Alcohol was sold on planes pre pandemic. Yet, there were a small number of problems. A negative correlation. So, why blame the sale of alcohol for what has increasingly become a lack of control problem. Your narrative does not fit fact.

BTW, the mere consumption of alcohol is not an addiction nor an enabler. Of course, that is, unless one has an issue like you seem to profess


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