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New Aircraft-Themed Dining Experience Opens In Abu Dhabi

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Opened in July, the aircraft-themed eatery offers the full “flying” experience starting with an airport check-in area where guests are given a departure board-styled menus. ( Mais...

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Cleffer 2
Feels odd when you have to reminisce by opening a themed restaurant regarding something that could HAPPEN if they JUST DECIDED to do it again.
emkostiuk 2
That's great. I always liked 94th Aero Squadron restaurants. I hope they survived Covid.
bentwing60 1
Apparently three are still goin' concerns and with largely good reviews. One each at CMH, MIA & SAN. Ours closed at DAL loonng ago and was sorely missed by the Love aviation crowd. Somethin' about the price of real estate.
dee9bee 1
It looks as though most of the franchises didn't survive to even see COVID. As a teen, I'd talk my parents into taking me to the one at SNA, long gone. That one was at a perfect location to watch the planes but very hard to find for walk-in traffic. Aero Squadron restaurants can't rely on AvGeeks alone to survive. One website shows them all closed for COVID but that info may not be up to date.


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