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TSA dog handler dubbed 'Groundhog Whisperer' after rescuing groundhog from airport runway

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A Transportation Security Administration canine handler in Virginia gained a new partner after saving a groundhog from an airport runway. ( Mais...

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sparkie624 20
When you are about to lose all hope in humanity, you see something like this that makes you realize the Human Race is worth saving.... A few anyway! Way to go Mr TSA... But anyone who deals with or takes care of dogs are most always good people - Thanks for Shareing
That made my morning!
Robert Rinehuls 6
One evening in a condo parking lot in South Florida, my father helped a woman looking for her pet ferret. Seeing an animal under a car he reached down and grabbed it, and while being bitten, he carried the animal to the woman who said, "That's not my ferret." They never figured out what kind of animal it was and Dad had to get shots.
Alice Smith 4
Nice to see this guy was 1. experienced and 2. vaccinated against rabies. Groundhogs can bite pretty bad so this rescue definitely required a decent amount of skill.

Don't try this at home kids!

That said if you do ever find yourself needing to catch a groundhog in distress, throw a thick towel or blanket over the animal, then use a broom to push the animal+towel into a box. Close the box (make sure there are air holes) and bring it to a licensed rehabilitator (do not try to care for it yourself!)
sparkie624 1
Good advice... My Cat is friends with one that comes by to eat and they socialize... She is inside, he is out side! Not going to let them get closer!
Doug Parker 2
Rumor has it he’s been doing exactly the same thing every day since then.
Bruce Schimmel 1
sweet story for lots of good reasons!


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