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New low-cost long-haul carrier wants to conquer transatlantic

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OSLO, NORWAY — The new Nordic carrier makes its intentions clear. Norse Atlantic Airways intends to focus on one thing only, offering budget flights from European cities – including Oslo, London, and Paris – to North American hubs. ( Mais...

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chugheset 3
I love this comment from the founder after he indicated they can succeed where others have failed, "Our model is very different from any other model that has been tested, so it really hasn’t been proven yet or disproven,” said Norse’s chief executive Bjørn Tore Larsen." I guess Bjorn is to young to remember Laker, People's Express, etc. I wish them luck.
mbrews 1
- IMO the leasing companies are trying to monetize Norwegians 787 dreamliners.

The leasing companies get zero cash flow from 787s abandoned in a boneyard.
chugheset 1
patrick baker 1
if Bjarn tore Larsen had read aviation historybooks, at one time Laker and Peoples express were going concerns, and he would have made informed enough not to make that self-serving statement. He lacks from the get- go enough airplanes and enough financial backstopping. In that instance, he is exactly like every other that failed before him . THe times of the year when demand lessens need money some where to cover expenses and cover losses. Covering delays and cancellations will soon overwhelm our wunderkid, and then lets hear his next statement. Where can i lay a bet Norse folds within a year???
chugheset 2
The irony is he started this airline with some of the equipment left over from his last airline, Norwegian, which is currently operating under bankruptcy protection.


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