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Southwest Orders Another 34 Boeing 737 MAX 7 Aircraft

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Southwest Airlines has placed a firm order for an additional 34 Boeing 737 MAX 7 aircraft, citing improved travel revenue trends. ( Mais...

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pilotjag 10
Another confidence booster for the MAX program! Even with the influx of post-COVID travel, I'm hoping this will possibly get other airlines to order the MAX as well
Kevin V. 4
Awesome news Southwest!! Airlines have to replace older planes just like how city transit has to replace older city buses. I am not afraid of flying a Max, 8, 9, or 7. I am more worry about the older fleet then the new ones. Just like any type of vehicles there are problems and it gets fixed. Again good job SWA! Will be glad to ride a new plane soon.

Phil Howry 4
It's encouraging to see private businesses rebounding.
srobak 2
you misspelled "heavily, federally subsidized business"
David Beattie 1
Most of the money was paid to keep folks employed, not to subsidize the airlines. The US government did what was best for its citizens and it worked. We are in much better shape than Europe.
Greg S 4
This will not make MH370 happy.
bentwing60 3
Sure it will, he will contend that it means AB's is bigger
srobak -5
I guess SW isn't keen on passenger retention. People are refusing to fly the 73 max in droves.
David Beattie 2
Not true.


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