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Webinar: Post-COVID Aviation Recovery

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How can technology help to speed up the recovery and reduce the impact COVID-crisis had on aviation? Sub - Topics: An Uneven Recovery: A Sector-by-Sector Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 on Aviation, The Unintuitive Truth: How a Post-COVID Capacity Crunch will Disrupt Airport Operations, The Upcoming Capacity Crunch in the Termina. Panelists: Toby Tucker, Aviation Sales – EMEA, FlightAware, Florian E., Managing Director Airports, Xovis, Christiaan Hen, Chief Customer Officer, Assaia – The… ( Mais...

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ADXbear 1
Some please attending, please report the highlights of this meeting.
Matt Reardon 1
Total absurdity. The requirement is not for technology, its for people to come to their senses and ask simple obvious questions. Like: if this is an epidemic why is it for the past year plus no one in sight has been even slightly ill? Why is this only a TV phenomenon? Why are active covid patients actually as percentages of the population literally miniscule? Why are most doctors rarely seeing it? Its all incredibly ridiculous. This is a preposterous epidemic of mass hysteria, mass panic, idiotic foolishness, and vast unconstitutional over-reach by all levels of government, and just like the Nazis using public health as a convenient foil for their insatiable arrogant desire to exert their unbridled power. We know what real epidemics are, we have all lived thru them annually as seasonal flu. Those pandemics were NOT subtle, those ill with the flu were common , many obviously very ill, and very obvious in our day to day lives, it was not some fabricated political/TV phenomenon.


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