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Europe Explores Standardized COVID Passports

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The European Commission is working on a standard COVID vaccine passport, which would allow for an easy verification that one is vaccinated. If completed, this would allow for more effortless travel between participants. Officials from these countries plan to meet virtually this week to look deeper into making this a reality. So far, a number of countries have already shown their support for this idea, hinting that it could be widely approved in the near future. ( Mais...

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Kyle Jonas 4
Hope this happens!
Ray Sundar 2
You can use an American passport to travel anywhere in Europe but you need a Covid passport to even get into an Airport to board a plane!
Paul Miller 1
I just only hope that upon my return back to the Philippines (when they open their boarders?) That I will have something to show them that they agree to ? with the regard to the COVID-19 Vaccine Shot that I will have had soon ? and that's going to be allowing US Citizens back into their country over there once more.


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