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ForeFlight Black Friday Deals!

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Now through Cyber Monday, ForeFlight is offering an extra 3 months free when you purchase or upgrade to Performance Plus, or get an extra month free when you purchase or upgrade to Pro Plus!* Save 10% on Sentry and Sentry Mini through Sporty's Pilot Shop Nov 25-30. *Not eligible for renewals of the same plan. Valid on website purchases only. ( Mais...

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Zachary Colescott 1
I would totally pull the trigger on Pro Plus if it included the Detailed Aircraft Performance Profiles. Otherwise, I don't gain that much on upgrading at the moment. Any chance those will be included in Pro Plus in the future?
Team ForeFlight 1
No plans to share at this time but we'll pass your feedback on to the team.
Zachary Colescott 1
Even if you were only allowed to choose one aircraft profile, I think that would attract a lot of users to Pro Plus. I have an older subscription...I really would like the icing/turbulence forecast layers, but that's the only thing that Pro Plus offers that I don't already have.
Ed Glidden 1
I buy it just for GeoReference approach plates
Zachary Colescott 1
I already get that as a part of my older subscription. Otherwise, you'd be correct.


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