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House passes bill to reform plane certification process after two Boeing 737 MAX crashes

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The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation on Tuesday to reform the Federal Aviation Administration’s aircraft certification process after two fatal Boeing 737 MAX crashes killed 346 people. The 737 MAX has been grounded since March 2019 but the FAA is set on Wednesday to approve the plane’s return to service after a lengthy review, new software safeguards and training upgrades, Reuters reported earlier. ( Mais...

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dee9bee 1
Too little too late, perhaps? What does Congress know about aircraft certification anyway? They can't even decide on what to have for lunch tomorrow.
Jasper Buck 2
They already know what to have for lunch tomorrow. Here's tomorrow's menu...

Members' Dining Room at U.S. House of Representatives

House Salad
Herb Roasted Chicken Flatbread
Sundried Tomato Tapenade, Local Mozzarella Cheese, Spinach & Toasted Walnut Pesto

Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese Flatbread
Caramelized Onions, Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach, Balsamic Glaze

Calamari Fritti
Parmesan, Kalamata Olives, Lemon Aioli

House Bean Soup*
Hearty & filling simmered with white beans & smoked ham

Served with French Fries

Farmhouse Grilled Cheese
Fried Egg, Tillamook Cheddar, Garlic Sautéed Spinach, Cherry Tomato Jam, Sourdough Bread

The Capitol Burger
House Pickles, Lettuce, Tomato, American Cheese, Toasted Brioche Bun, Capitol Sauce

Herb Roasted Turkey
Applewood Smoked Bacon, Aged Cheddar, Cranberry Apple Slaw, Ciabatta Bread

Makers Bourbon Fried Chicken
House pickles, Apple slaw, Toasted brioche bun

Salmon & Arugula Salad*
Local Goat Cheese, Golden Beets, Red Grapes, Toasted Almonds, Crispy Pancetta, Maple Vinaigrette

Baby Kale Chicken Caesar Salad
Grilled Chicken, Parmesan Crisp, Shaved Croutons, Red Peppers

Autumn Cobb*
Baby Spinach, Marinated Cucumbers, Pickled Radish, Boiled Egg, Cherry tomatoes, House Smoked Turkey, Whole Grain Mustard Dressing

Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon*
Thai Basil Coconut Curry, Jasmine Rice, Pickled Cucumber and Radish

Garden Herb Pesto Capellini Pasta
Grilled Chicken, Fresh Capellini, Toasted Walnut Pesto, Local Mushrooms, Baby Heirloom Tomatoes

Braised Short Rib
Butternut Squash Silk, Root Vegetable Hash

Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Coconut Chips, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Sea Salt Caramel

Key Lime Jar
Toasted Graham Cracker, Whipped Cream, White Chocolate Shavings

Graham Cracker Crumble, Caramelized

By the way, I was a guest of a Representative years (many) ago and had lunch in the member's dining room. I had the Capitol Burger on a brioche bun. It was pretty good. Still serving it all these years later.


J Buck
Jasper Buck 1
November 17, 2020

2d Session
H. R. 8408


To direct the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration to require certain safety standards relating to aircraft, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.
(a) Short Title.--This Act may be cited as the ``Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act''.

Introduced by Peter DeFazio(D) Representative for Oregon's 4th congressional district

Pages in Length; 86

Sent to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Bill Can be found here:

Bill summary

Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act

This bill addresses certain safety standards relating to the aircraft certification process.

Among other things, the bill requires the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to direct U.S. aircraft and aerospace industry manufacturers to adopt safety management systems consistent with international standards and practices; convene an expert panel to review organizations that design and produce transport airplanes and make recommendations for improvements; require manufacturers to disclose to the FAA certain safety-critical information related to an aircraft; conduct a comprehensive review of each manufacturing Organization Designation Authorization holder's capability to meet FAA regulations based on the holder's organizational structures, requirements applicable to officers and employees, and safety culture; establish an appeal process to review decisions regarding a manufacturer's compliance with applicable design regulations; revise and improve its process of issuing amended type certificates for modifying an aircraft; initiate a call to action safety review of pilot certification standards in order to bring stakeholders together to share lessons learned, best practices, and implement actions to address any safety issues identified; and conduct an evaluation of tools and methods that support the better integration of human factors and system safety assessments of aircraft flight deck and flight control systems into the FAA's certification process.


Previous legislation similar to this have routinely died in committee. Odds are slim that this bill will become law before year's end.


Capt J Buck

ATP DC-9 B757 B767
Flight Instructor
Ground Instructor
Aircraft Dispatcher
A&P Mechanic
Air Traffic Controller
FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Ret.)
FAA certified accident investigator (Ret.)
ICAO Panel Member
Aviation Safety Consultant
patrick baker 0
Holy molley- the house has stirred, an authentic problem , having been identified, with a little help from the bad publicity around nearly 400 needless deaths, now they are "reforming the FAA's certification process".. How about a few new felony laws to identify and punish undue influence by manufacturers on safety questions? There's a start. How about not permitting designee inspectors? Make the FAA the first and final authority on airworthiness, without out allowing undue influence-as much as that can be curtailed_
Jasper Buck 1
"How about a few new felony laws to identify and punish undue influence by manufacturers on safety questions?

That ain't gonna happen.

"How about not permitting designee inspectors?"

That ain't gonna happen either.

"Make the FAA the first and final authority on airworthiness..."

Already is. (See Title 49 USC Subtitle VII - Aviation Programs)


J Buck
FAA (ret.)
Wouldn't it be simpler to just increase the FAA's budget like they should have done in the first place?

Oh, wait...


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