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Japanese airline JAL to use gender-neutral passenger greetings

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Japan Airlines (JAL) will be dropping "ladies and gentlemen" in favor of more inclusive greetings like "attention all passengers" and "welcome, everyone" from October 1 on flights and in airports worldwide. ( Mais...

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mary susan watkins 8
oh good grief..this kind of pushes the politcal correctness verbage a bit too far..the japanese have always been noted for their courtesy and polite behavior however,so whatever they feel is correct is their option..
ThinkingGuy 5
You could say they've been doing so from the beginning - in Japanese. "皆様/mina-sama" is gender-neutral.
Peter Fuller 5
Whatever greeting it takes to get passengers to pay attention to the safety briefings is okay by me.
Mike Mohle 5
Had a good one last week on a SWA flight. FA said "Attention, if anyone is missing their billfold...... we found one.... and as long as we have everyone's attention...." then launched into the safety briefing. Quite funny and effective.
Robert Cowling 1
The one I experienced was the flight attendant announcing that 'The Chicago flight crew wants to welcome you to this flight to Miami'. Then came on that 'Oh, I meant Miami flight crew...'

And the one that announced that his ex-wife was the head flight attendant, and her new husband was the first officer, and his new girlfriend was a flight attendant.', oh and 'Oh, I'm good with this arrangement. Believe me'. People exchanged concerned looks as the plane started moving. I laughed. He got everyone's attention. The FA briefing started with the announcement that 'Yes, that's my ex-husband flying the plane, and he's great guy. And my new husband is there to make sure we get where we are supposed to'. Funny...

Once a flight attendant announced that 'This flight crew would like to welcome you to Miami, and thank you for your loyalty to XXX, and hope to see you on your future travels'. Then 'Oh, wait, We're in Boston. These airports all look the same. Welcome to Boston, the weather is worse, but the time is the same!' Funny!!!
Robert Cowling 1
My wife remembers that being used on a Delta flight. It's probably common...
mbrews 4
- ? In Southern Japan, just greet with " Hey y'all "
ToddBaldwin3 4
That would be "hey y'all-san"
Ranks up there with who gives a rats furry ass!!
matt jensen 3
Mike Mohle 9
Uh, there only 2 genders....................
Bruno Coimbra 2
I don’t hate it. Not because of Political Correctness or any of that but stuff but that phrasing alone Sounds kinda “fancy” and “”proper”. Not bad at all
Silent Bob 2
Meanwhile, airlines in the USA are changing to "shut up you assholes!"
Mike Mohle 2
That is gender-neutral too!


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