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Cessna 172 crashes in American Fork Canyon, Utah killing 4

A Cessna 172 with 4 occupants which took off from south valley regional airport, was reported by witnesses to spiral down and smashing into the mountain face, witnesses arrive at the crash to find all occupants dead. ( More...

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John Lenihan 4
4 adults in a 172 at around 11,000 ft? Sounds like a challenge for that aircraft. So sad.
linbb 1
Since the average for four adults would be close to 800lb that leaves 70lb for fuel. So that tells a story right there. The pilot could not maintain his altitude, ran out of airspeed, stalled entered a spin that he could not recover from. Probably increased his pull on the controls resulting in a tighter spin. Classic stall spin at high altitude.
ADXbear 4
Over gross 172s is common, too common.. seems too many sports figures and doctors have killed themselves due to careless planning.. RIP to all.
bartmiller 6
U42 (South Valley Reg’l Airport is at elevation 4606’ with a 5800’ runway.

It was 8am so relatively cool, so density altitude wasn’t an issue. But John Lenihan is right about 4 adults in a C172, and 4606’ is high enough to lose some of its ability to climb. As a general rule, a normally aspirated engine loses 3% power per 1000’. So about 15% reduction for this airport.

The spiraling down observed in the article could be a classic stall-spin. Though possible to be a structural failure (tho less like.y).

Of course, we have to wait for the NTSB to sort this out.

May they Rest In Peace ... may we all fly safely this season.
linbb -1
Last radar contact was at 7800ft airspeed was about 80k. Were heading to that airport according to there track. At one time several miles back speed was down to about the same. Too heavy, keep pulling we can get over that last hump oops here we go. Simple as that there is a video they found showing just that in the CO mountains. It was in the AC wreck recoreded right to the end not the same AC but one very much like it.
bbabis 2
Most accidents are due to exceeding the plane’s or the pilots capability. This appears to have been both.


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