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Are Planes Too Light?

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FAA warns of tail strikes and other sfety concerns caused by empty planes ( Mais...

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Highflyer1950 3
Clearly none of these altitude busters have never flown a Lear. BTW, whether empty or at all up weight if you rotate the aircraft correctly, you never bang the tail.
ffrcobra1 3
That’s such a idiotic article, I could even make it to the end. What bearing does weight have on not being able to maintain cabin pressure? Tail strikes and busted altitudes are pilot issues.
Highflyer1950 1
I think the article may refer to the aircraft climbing at a faster than normal rate and the thereby reaching cruise altitude before the cabin set altitude and then the max differential pressure is reached causing the cabin emerg outflow valve to cycle open driving the cabin altitude rate of climb higher/quicker causing havoc on the pax ears. But you are right, not very well written at all. I do remember when flying the stretch DC-8 you rotated to 7 degrees initially ‘cause at 10 you bang the tail.


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