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American Airlines CEO quells U.S. bankruptcy talk, says demand improving

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...demand is improving and net receipts have been in positive territory for the past 2-1/2 weeks. American’s planes were about 56% full over the long U.S. Memorial Day weekend, albeit in drastically reduced capacity... ( Mais...

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mary susan watkins 0
it also was announced yesterday (I believe it was)that americn airlines is laying off 30% of its management and support staff..that means all of those lower leveL city managers at smaller stations,secretaries,what are called CSM's and the like will not be furloughed,but just out of a job...American has ALWAYS ,even before the merger with us airways,been a top heavy management type company,with managers to manage the managers,and supervisors to supervise was not quality control,but too many fingers in the pie so to speak..keep in mind most management and supervisory personnel do not belong to a union group,so the rules governing their job differ..smaller cities can be handled by a regional manager,and a local person will not be a necessity..thats the way it goes,and if it avoids a bankruptcy,which would entail everyone being unemployed,then I hope it works..


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