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Southwest memo says it will not deny boarding if customers don't wear masks

Southwest Airlines has told flight crews not to stop passengers from boarding if they refuse to wear a mask, according to an internal memo obtained by CNN. ( More...

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FAA should require refunds to passengers who, when the passenger sees someone not wearing a mask on the plane, can demand a refund.

IOW If an airline lets people on the plane without a mask, the other passengers can demand a refund.
ADXbear 2
Stupid to even go out.. lets spread the virus.. yea.. what about flight crews? Do you want to fly when you cant always wear a mask on the flight deck?
Do you wsnt yo get sick, lose ypur medical? Is no way people woukd be on my aircraft without wearing oneor i stay home as well..
Lee Withers 3
My feelings are that you shouldn’t be allowed access to a terminal building without a mask.The statement about “Common sense and responsibility “ is useless, they both disappeared some time ago with the rise of ME.
Dubslow 3
Lots of hysteria in these comments...
I'm flying that's hysteria
Chris B 3
I have no doubt that masks should be mandated on all transportation such as buses, trains, subway, aircraft etc.
Pa Thomas 3
I see dead people.
beilstwh 2
If they will not enforce the wearing of masks until an effective vaccine comes out I expect that SouthWest will refund the ticket for any passenger that is seated next to that inconsiderate customer. I refuse to get sick or die because someone else is an idiot
travisb922 0
if underwear doesn't stop a fart, how is a cloth going to stop covid19?
the underwear makes the fart stick to the underwear, and not your pants. So you smell more of what you dealt than others do.
F.O. Krupke 4
Dale Ballok 2
only stops your spit flying into a mask that doesn't defend, the reason 100 percent is required as often as possible until we eat drink or puke
s20609 1
The airlines have created a mask / no mask situation that can not be resolved by rules. ... if I wear a mask and have someone without a mask next to me. ( assume center seats are filled) I have read I can move or leave. OR they can move or leave. Which is it? Everyone has the right to sit in a paid seat and potentially be infected by someone else. ... I see it coming, the COVID Free Flight, for a price.
I will not fly SWA until that changes, I've flown in the last 4 weeks on United, Delta and Jet Blue
And was a frequent SWA user as well, the sooner you make the general public feel safe, the sooner things will improve. I've already seen countless Pilots, Ramp, cleaners and other staff wandering thru airports without masks, WAKE the - - - - UP!! If your Mom or Dad was flying would you want me to wear a mask, yea I work in Healthcare and I just felt like coughing - Selfish stupid people thinking only of themselves. and you want to keep flying ..... twilight zone
JW Wilson 1
Masks are only a perceived help unless they are medical grade, which 99% are not. If a person has symptoms a mask could help but they should NOT be out and about anyway, with this virus or others. Fly On!
WAKE UP = masks are worn in public to protect OTHERS not yourself THAT's THE POINT PH u --K
JW Wilson 2
Wearing a mask May protect others when you are sick, AND are wearing a medical grade mask, of which I have seen less than 1% in use. If I have any symptoms I am not only not flying, I am not out in public. You have every right to stay home, maybe you should? Problem solved.
Let's face it, the airlines don't care about your health. They are only interested in revenue. The pictures of recent full planes prove this. Fly today and die tomorrow!
JW Wilson 1
Has any of the no mask neigh sayers even been out since mid-March? The grocery stores have not closed, the hardware stores have not closed, in fact, they have been busier than normal. There has not been a true and effective lockdown because it was not needed. If the coronavirus was half as bad as the "experts" have been saying the hardware stores would not be open and grocery store access would be severely regulated. If you are concerned about this virus, STAY HOME and let the rest of us carry on. The airlines especially have to get people moving again or there will only be two or three of the majors that survive. Don't blame them.
Paul Miller -2
"O Dear" !!! IF you don't want to wear a Mask ? then just drive yourself to your intended destination and avoid others having to put up with YOUR RUDENESS towards them.
I have seen what COVID-19 can do to a person and right up close and personal too ? and it's horrible.
patrick baker -1
i cannot fathom the reasoning??? of any adult who declines to wear a proper mask inside an enclosed space with other people close by. They should not be allowed to endanger other more socially aware passengers, so masks ought to be available at the gate for any who lack one, and all must wear one at all times. Any person who refuses to keep their mask on should be turned over to the authorities at the destination and subjected to fines and other punishments. Period...
United is providing masks at the gate if needed, but flight crews have been told not to enforce once on board
Lee Withers -1
Think about this. It is rightfully said that flying is safer than flying, and I would imagine that if you wanted to count in virus deaths as the result of death it's nor going to change any numbers. As I said in another post I don't think you should be able to enter a terminal unmasked. Of course the Freedom Fighters will disagree with that
Robert Cowling -9
Proving their nickname 'Southworst' is a perfect fit! I will never fly the Walmart of airlines. Nope. Pass.

I just hope one of their planes doesn't crash on my house, or in my yard.
Robert Cowling -6
Vote me down, infants! Not wearing a mask is making people sick! Really!!!

Other exposures that will spread this virus: Exposure to sweat, sex, kissing, exposure to infected sewage, it's been detected in domestic cats, and exposure to numbskulls that refuse to wear masks and are infected and don't show symptoms yet, and spread it all over everyone within 20 feet of them.

ANY mucus membrane is a way to get the virus into the body. Eyes included. This isn't a hoax, this is LIFE AND DEATH! And NOTHING has changes since it popped up here. Well, except for the very real possibility that it has mutated into a more powerful and dangerous strain!

But keep not wearing masks and taking this thing seriously. Self-culling isn't a bad thing I guess... BE SAFE!!!
JW Wilson 3
I hardly believe that "infants" have the ability to "vote you down." I think it would be in everyone's best interest if you stayed home. Yes, the coronavirus is real, as well as many other communicable diseases which you did not mention in January. I have reservations to fly on Southwest next week, unfortunately the destination is still shutdown but as soon as it is open I am going and I am taking my wife and kids with me. We are not in a risk group and have all been working since the shutdown. Also, YOU and everyone else reading this has already been exposed to this coronavirus if you have ever left your house during the shutdown. Reality beats emotion every time.
The Darwin principle in action. And furthermore, the general population's average IQ will go up!


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