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GE Capital Aviation Services cancels orders for 69 737 Max

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Aircraft lessor GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) has terminated orders for 69 Boeing 737 Max, further reducing Boeing’s Max backlog amid a downturn that has hammered airlines and the global aerospace industry. ( Mais...

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Chris B 1
Going to be interesting with all the Max cancellations to find out if IAG/British Airways is going to stick with its tentative intention of taking up to 200 of these aircraft. If they did, there are plenty of pre built aircraft that might turn into white tails.and be converted to BA needs.

Its not like IAG has any immunity from the disaster all airlines are facing.
Tom Pera 1
will be a lot more cancellations - Boeing-Airbus - weaker lines will close...will be more than a year before the planes start filling up... lots of retirements, too...
Greg S 0
It's amazing and terrifying to be in the midst of an economic downturn that will rival and may surpass that of the Great Depression. The economic effects take time to ripple through the economy as a whole, so every day will continue to bring more bad news.

I'm coming around to the idea that shutting down the country was/is a mistake. I'm hopeful that as more data come in about the prevalence and lethality of this virus, and about the effectiveness of mask wearing and of only isolating people with significant symptoms, the current plan will be replaced with a different one that reopens the country. The new plan will use mandatory mask-wearing as the key piece to prevent rapid spread of the disease.
djames225 1
You may want to re-think your ideas about "shutting down the country was a mistake" and "only isolating people with significant symptoms" A few randomly tested asymptomatic people tested positive, which means they, along with those who are sick and battling through it, are carriers. This "thing" has mutated many times already.
Although it is a great idea about wearing masks to try and help prevent the spread, you have to be able to get said masks first.If most of the world had not shut down and isolatad themselves, frontline medical etc workers, would have not had the resources to cope with this.Take that from a person who has lost 6 who he personally knew, 4 fit as a fiddle, to this crap virus.
Jamar Jackson 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

General Electric aborts 69 737 Max

Evaluating its fleet and order book, GECAS has decided to cancel 69 orders of Boeing 737 MAX jets, parking the type in its current fleet due to the drop in its demand.

On its part, Boeing already announced that it reached an agreement with GECAS to restructure its MAX order book. However, the number of aircraft implied in the cancelation is not indicated in any of the statements.


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