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Trans States Ceasing Operations April 1st

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United Airlines has confirmed that they will be removing the regional carrier from their network effective April 1st 2020 due to the ever-evolving situation that has been COVID-19... Trans States will be the first U.S. based airline to shutter its doors due to the growing issue of COVID-19, nearly 9 months earlier than they had originally planned... ( Mais...

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Larry Toler 3
Trans States was already shutting down before the pandemic. Trans States Holdings has Go Jet flying for United using CRJ700 and now the CRJ550 (CRJ700 with only 50 seats). I used to dly for Trans States and was offered a position at GoJet. Not really a bad airline, but had some family issues and had to get out of flying.
sparkie624 1
Very True... but not til the end of the year... this is a drastic change.
paul trubits 5
I sat with a pilot from Trans States Sunday night. He told me then that they were shutting down. The Corona shut down happened suddenly the next day on Monday. It sounds like United is using COVID-19 as an excuse so they don't have to give the real reason for shutting Trans States down.
sparkie624 2
Keep in mind, this does not affect the sister companies, Compass, or GoJet who are continuing to fly.
Larry Toler 0
When Hulas and Rick started up GoJet it was pretty much a mess. There was no union contract with ALPA yet or with our flight attendants. The scope clause was kind of iffy at the time. Rrason behind all that was they wasted no time getting larger jets and keeping up with United.


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