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Unruly passenger diverts California-bound plane to Tucson

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Unruly passenger diverts California-bound plane to Tucson ( Mais...

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geharper 5
The passenger should be made to pay for the cost to the airline for the diversion.
sparkie624 3
They should also be banded from flying commercial airlines.... Flying is a privilege not a right... There is always Gray Hound who can just pull over to the side of the road and push them out.
sharon bias 1
This gentleman showed no impaired behavior before he boarded the aircraft? The gate agents should be able to stop most impaired passengers BEFORE they get on the plane. Managements pressure to get folks on a plane for an "on time" departure means the gate agents sometimes barely look at the passengers as they board. All over the US we have signs that say, Call 911 to report a drunk driver. Maybe something like that in the airport with a different phone# to call?
Scott Campbell 1
Sorry you look a little nuts Dave, enjoy Tucson at least its a little cooler now
mary susan watkins 1
This sort of behavior is of course,totally unacceptable whether you are in a bar,at a restaurant,at a party, and especially not on an airplane..when will people learn that..flight crews are now taught how to handle (and not nicely) people who "misbehave",including using handcuffs and having the flight diverted..gone or the days of the sweet smiling "stewardess",dressed to the nines who just serves drinks and food and treats every passenger like a king or they have to be a psychologist,worry about too much alcohol,stop fights and sometimes domestic dipsutes..the list is endless!!this diversion will certainly cost the passenger more than a 25$ bottle of whatever alcohol he was drinking!!!
Michael Stansfield 0
Intoxicated and unruly, so do we now need to have passengers (and crew) pass a breathalyzer test before boarding?
Pa Thomas 4
No, just stop selling alcohol at airports. So simple.
El Kabong 1
Lots of pax self medicate to tolerate the claustrophobic nature of flying these days (me included). Some people just can't handle their booze. While we're on the subject of ridiculous suggestions, maybe the govt should return to subsidizing the airlines so they aren't always jam packed with people on every flight.
sparkie624 1
I am trying to figure out why they serve Booze in the airports, then will serve it to them on the planes... and then complain when they are drunk... Help... Simple solution.... Ban Alcohol from those area's and there will not be as many Drunks and the ones who are by the time they worked them selves through screening then to the gate and wait on the plane they will have time to sober up.
mary susan watkins 1
Michael s...depending upon the type of alcohol,a breathalyzer test isnt can truly smell any type of liquor on a person,not just their absorbs into the skin,particularly sweet wines and bourbon..alcoholics are known for drinking vodka because it is the least noticeable..when crewmembers are caught,its ususally for that reason, and not acting or walking strangely..there would be a lot of complaints from people who drink "normal" amonts of beer or wine or alcohol while waiting to board an airplane..there is distinction between being an aggressive person by nature,and just having a drink before boarding..


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